greenhouse tomatoesUndoubtedly, greenhouse gardening has taken the art of gardening to the next level. However, not many gardeners have caught on to this trend due to the prohibitive costs involved in setting one up. This is because many wonder whether the benefits accrued would actually match the money invested in building a greenhouse.

Granted, it takes a lot of motivation and courage to build a greenhouse and only those who are passionate or serious about greenhouse gardening will pay the money needed to set one up. With this advanced facility you do not have to worry about trivial gardening issues distracting you from having fun whilst at it. Below we take a look at 5 major roles that greenhouses play in today’s society

1. Help to minimize grocery expenses

Needless to say, tough economic conditions have pushed up grocery prices including flowers, vegetables and fruits. With greenhouse gardening you are assured of a constant supply of vegetables, fruits and flowers in addition to having control of what you plant all year round. More significantly however, planting your own groceries will see you spend considerably less on them. While you may not see the effects immediately, on average, most greenhouse gardeners usually break even after a year or two in the business.

2. Provide consistent gardening opportunities

A greenhouse allows you the luxury of evading and ignoring weather conditions and seasonal changes all year round. You do not have to worry about your gardening efforts being hampered by excessive rain, extreme temperatures or long droughts. Also, planning your garden will no longer be determined by the weather thereby giving you more flexibility to undertake any form of gardening you may wish.

3. Plant protection

The protection offered by a greenhouse means that your plants stand to be shielded from problems such as rough weather and seasonal pest infestations e.g. from mites, caterpillars, beetles and locusts. Since plants are weak, such problems would inevitably lead to destruction of your whole crops. The role of a greenhouse in protecting your plants can therefore not be overemphasized.

4. Provide plants with an optimum growing environment

If you have undertaken gardening for a considerable while, you will no doubt have noticed that plants, whether herbs or vegetables, love humid and warm environments. Greenhouses are synonymous with such conditions that enhance plant growth. This is attributed to the fact that a greenhouse’s main purpose is securing a reasonable amount of water vapour and heat in order to maintain the humidity and warmth within.

5. There is no gardening according to seasons

Most gardeners have at one time or the other been excited to undertake planting only to realize that the current season, with its unfavourable temperatures is not suited to what they wish to plant. This means that they have to wait until the right conditions are present and by that time, the excitement of planting is likely to have died off. But with a greenhouse, you are able to control your garden’s temperature and may opt to plant seasonal plants ahead of time or delay planting. Whatever you decide, you are in total control.

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