Whats Left in Kitchen Design Three Innovations to Look Forward toThree of many exciting kitchen innovations that you can really look forward to if you are considering renovating include the increased use of beautiful wood as well as unique rustic or contemporary improvements.

It is possible to employ the expertise of a kitchen designer who would help you explain and choose exactly what you have in mind in order to make your dream come true and within your budget. That expert would analyze the space involved, recommend the best layout and appropriate appliance sizes, order the cabinetry to precise measurements, review architectural constraints, and coordinate the professional installation that is guaranteed with free touch-ups and adjustments during the first year. Here are a few of the innovations and trends in kitchen design you can expect to soon put in your own home with the help of experts such as those at Kitchen Remodeling in Westchester..

More Use of Wood

Plain white kitchens are boring, and the trend of using wood accents can add to their richness and warmth. Imagine wrapping stainless appliances in elegant wood in a choice of colors. For a food prep surface, consider Wenge, which is naturally dark and has no stain. Using the strong wood, teak, for the base cabinets, shelving and island gives the kitchen richness and a timeless feel. Matching wood cabinet panels could disguise storage hidden in the back splash area or triangular corners and thus create additional storage area. Dark wood floors add a simple and yet elegant backdrop.

Rustic Suggestions

Picturing a French country farmhouse in your mind could include using the natural stone granite rather than stucco. Stone walls are quite traditional and make a wonderful background for cabinets and appliances. Re-purposed wood can be used in a variety of ways to give a days-gone-by appeal. Wood beams from an old barn or the boarding on an old inn’s ceiling can add distinctive touches. A set of wall cabinets can be added with opaque glass to hide more storage for pots, pans, small appliances, etc.

A Contemporary Selection

If you prefer a contemporary kitchen that gives easy access as well as a lot of preparation and clean-up space for the family chefs and helpers, the larger than life look and feel of engineered concrete counter tops is simple and functional for those purposes. Add stainless-steel accents and a glass-tile back splash to reinforce the design. Cabinet doors can be eliminated and replaced with quick-access well-lit shelving.