Having a rental apartment turns into a real decorating challenge, considering the proprietor must be consulted even about the tiniest change. However, one should not be discouraged but feel free to consult the owner. A little change never hurt nobody and the owner would probably be open to some creative suggestions. If you lack inspiration, here are some of the creative decoration suggestions.

How to Decorate Your Little Heaven

DIY paint ideas from Kyle Shuneman; Mar'13; apartment interiors, portrait; PS=Miranda Jones

DIY paint ideas from Kyle Shuneman; Mar’13; apartment interiors, portrait; PS=Miranda Jones

It is always good to make some noticeable change in your apartment. Therefore, try painting the walls in some dramatic colour. You can paint only the living room, or an entryway or just the bedroom, or maybe an entire apartment. The choice is yours, so be creative and think big. If you are looking for changing the kitchen colour, try using a chalk paint on a door or wall, it will give the special touch to the apartment.

If you do not feel like making the mess of apartment just because you want a little change, a temporary wallpaper is the best solution. They are inexpensive, very practical and can be placed anywhere. Doors, walls, cabinets, or on any place you fell needs change and a little edgy touch.

Aside from painting the walls, the furniture including chairs and armoires could also use a little upgrade. Therefore, ask permission to remodel them and add a little bit more life into an entire apartment. Try to make the furniture colour go great with the colour of the walls. Eggshell coloured furniture and light shades of yellow, green and orange as well as pink walls would make a great combination.

Armchairs, sofas, and couches in fuchsia or some other vibrant colour are always a great option for adding a pop of colour to the apartment.

No matter how big the apartment is, it somehow always looks small. No worries, we have the solution – mirrors. They will visually enhance the space, which will be the crucial change in the apartment.

Nothing makes an apartment feel like home more than art and pictures on the walls. Hang art, your family photos or paintings you find attractive, and make your living room a comfortable warm environment. The photo frame sets are very popular right now, and this collection of photos would look amazing on the living room wall.

It is all about accessorizing, which leads us to curtains, lighting, rugs, and plants. Flowers, plants and greenery in general give some special note to an entire space. Therefore, place some flowerpots in windows, or in corners of the room and make the room look really alive.

image 4Add a touch of your personality in the room and replace the old lighting fixtures with designer lighting. Textured rugs and accent pillows will make the apartment feel like your own personal haven. Furthermore, install floor length drapes in front of the windows to add a little more decoration to the room.

You can never have enough space for books, frames, and knickknacks, so install wall shelves. Make them interesting by painting them in some attractive colour, or by adding a pattern to them. They will both be useful and look great in the room.

If you are living in a studio apartment, wall dividers will be of great help. They will help you divvy up the space or maybe to make room for storage, or some other possibility you had in mind.

Even though you do not own the apartment, the changes you can make in order to make it beautiful and comfortable for you are numerous. Just remember to always consult with the owner first, so you do not get yourself in an unnecessary trouble. Incorporate some of these suggestions into your decoration plan and I am sure the apartment will look fabulous.