led tube lightsLed tube lights have a wide range of usage and application. Here are some of them discussed in details below- the led is greatly used for the purpose of decorative lighting. There are many varieties of colors available when it comes to led lighting. Some of the other characteristics of led lighting are that they are available in small sizes, can be great for energy saving purpose and thus are widely used for the purpose of interior decorations at offices and homes. Usually the led is attached with a PCB and comes with either flexible cable or any other material. They can also be used for any other light sources like channel letter, border light, signs, tube lights, led street lights etc.

The led lights are also used for the purpose of illumination. With the advent of the led light technology, if you arrange an array of white led lights in a certain manner; you can also use these lights for illuminating the interiors of your home with table lamps, light, garden lamp etc.

One of the most common and also typical applications of the led light technology is to use it for the display purpose. When there is a large scale display or any kind of message display, led can be used. Such large screen displays are usually seen in the sports field, business and commercial centers, airports etc.

The led is also used as the back light for lcd since they are small in size and also saves a lot of energy. Since the power consumption is low, they are perfect for using as the lcd backlight as well.

One of the most inherent properties of the led lights is the monochromaticity. The led lights emit a pure color and that too in a narrow frequency range. The led color emitted is measured and identified by the peak wavelength or the lpk and the nanometer. The peak wavelength is one of the functionalities of the chip within the led. The composition of the chip determined the wavelength of the led light and thus the color of the light emitted from the led.

You must know that white is the combination of all colors but human eye is unable to perceive the white light and thus does not require the combination of all colors for the spectrum for white light. Instead a combination of the basic three colors like red, green and blue is good enough to give the idea of white light when combined in right proportions.

Based on this simple principle of physics, new researches have been conducted for fabricating the led with white light. One of the best solutions is to bury a GaN type of led with blue emission that has an InGaN active layer with a YAG pond that emits yellow fluorescence light.

There are many websites that can provide you with details about the led lights and you can search for them online and get the necessary detailed information for your benefits and knowledge.

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