image 3 (1)Having kids is a wonderful experience, but eventually you come to terms that you’ll have to give up the stylish appearance of your home in order to salvage it from the clutches of your children. Fortunately, there are ways to refurbish your home in a way it will preserve its stylish look, but at the same time keep that family-friendly vibe. These few decorating tips can help you create a true family household without fearing possible catastrophes:

Choose Durable Materials

When decorating a family household, one of the most important factors to consider is the use of materials in every part of the house. Durability is the key here, as you’ll want to choose tough, quality and easy to maintain materials. When it comes to floors, the best solution is to opt for hardwood floors, but make sure to choose stain-protective carpets. Area rugs are always a good idea as they provide a soft and warm place for your children to sit on. When it comes to walls, you better prepare yourself for a lot of spills and messy fingertips, so it would be a good option to choose wallpapers, as they can easily be changed. Heavy woven fabrics and leather make the best choice for furniture as they’re durable and easy to clean.

Embrace Colourful Designs

If you have an affinity towards neutral colours and simple designs, perhaps you’ll need to reconsider your style choices. Children are visual beings and are highly influenced by vivid, bright colours and unique patterns. Certain colour shades can be quite stylish when combined properly and can greatly transform the complete setting of the room. The use of bold patterns, touchable textures and colourful designs also provide a good camouflage for possible spills and messes.

Create Zones

image 1 (3)Dividing your home into separate zones can greatly help you create specific play areas reserved solely for your children. This can help you perform your daily chores without worrying that your children will stay in your way. It’s also a good idea to consider creating individual zones for doing homework, playing or performing any kind of art. An open house design is a great family-friendly solution, as it allows a better traffic flow, helps connect different rooms and creates a feeling of togetherness.

Smart Storage Solutions

Being a parent means getting used to endless amount of toys, clutter and inanimate objects all around the house. If you wish to avoid following your children and picking up behind them, the best you can do is opt for some smart storage solutions. Colourful ottomans that double as a storage space are a wonderful choice, while decorative boxes always do the trick. Put some kid-sized dressers that will serve as toy storage or opt for some clever multipurpose furniture such as coffee tables that double as bookshelves or chairs that can be stacked as side tables.

Art & Accessories

While it would certainly be easier to ditch all the baubles and trinkets and keep your home free from any kind of breakable art and accessory pieces, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Instead of ridding your home from all these objects, you can always choose some safe accessories and quality homewares. For instance, frame your children’s drawings and hang them up as art or better yet, accessorize out of their reach. You can also choose to decorate together as a family, by creating mosaics, murals, collecting shells and similar trinkets, but if you wish to display a fancy vase or a glass figurine, make sure to put it on a higher shelf.

How many times did it occur to walk into a store, spot a wonderful piece of furniture or a decorative object and give up solely because you know it wouldn’t survive a day in the house with your children? Before you decide to sacrifice your style and give up on decorating as a whole, perhaps you should try to find some handy decorating tips that’ll work for the whole family.