burglarBurglars are much more than simply thieves. They are invaders of privacy and can completely uproot your life. If your home is broken into, it can mean more than simply a loss of property. It can also mean a loss of security and that safe feeling of being home. While home burglaries happen in every area of the United States, there are cities where these burglaries are much more likely. Living in a city that has a high home burglary rate means taking extra steps to ensure protection of your home and family. Having a security system installed in your home for instance is one way to further protect your home from the threat of a robbery.

That being said, there are certain cities where the crime rates are very high. As far as home burglaries go, reports show that Houston has the highest rate of home burglaries in the entire nation. Houston is also touted as having the best economy which is the main reason that home burglaries are higher here than in any other city. FBI reports show that there were more than 27,000 burglaries in the Houston area within the past year alone.

Chicago is another city that is very high in property crimes. The Windy City reported more than 26,000 burglaries which makes it the second highest rating city for home burglaries with Dallas coming in a close third. Contrary to popular opinion, New York City is not the highest rating home burglary city in the nation. In fact, it comes in fifth after Phoenix and Los Angeles does not even place in the top five. No matter where you live however, it is essential that you know how to protect your home and your family from a robbery.

You should understand that burglars can enter your home and steal your possessions in less than ten minutes, counting their getaway time. In most areas, it can take police up to twelve minutes to respond to a burglar alarm so this means that a burglar could be in and out of your home and make off with your valuables before police ever reach your property.

Burglar alarms that are monitored can help to bring these numbers down a bit. Any time a burglar sees that a home has a monitored alarm system in place, they are much less likely to rob that home because they know that their chances of getting away are much lower. If your neighbors also have a home alarm system, it makes it much safer for your entire neighborhood because criminals are going to be much less likely to enter your neighborhood with the intent of entering a home when they know that homes are protected. Neighborhood watches are also helpful in keeping your home safe and deterring criminals from hanging around your neighborhood.

Whether you live in a city that has a high rate of home burglaries or in a rural area where they rarely happen, having a home security system gives you peace of mind. Not only do these systems help you to protect your home from burglaries, they can protect you from fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and a host of other issues.

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