Design trends are constantly evolving when it comes to everything and the modern home is no exception. If you look back at each decades’ design, you’ll notice a great deal of change over the course of centuries. In order for you to be able to perceive what you can expect from modern home designs in 2016, we’ve come up with this article, to keep yourself updated. Modern life is getting increasingly busier and more pressured, which is why our humble abodes have become our own sanctuaries. Everything is getting increasingly centered around simplicity and serenity, so 2016 has a lot to offer in terms of seamlessness.

Round Furniture

roundThe new home design trends of 2016 are dictating more round furniture. Rectangular shapes have been dominant for quite some time now and it is about time the design trends spotlight moves onto round tables and furniture. Ever since the inception of the idea of equality in stories about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, it has been celebrated and used in itself in order to describe a warm atmosphere of acceptance and, well, equality. Smooth edges dictate tranquillity – something greatly desired in the business of the modern world. When you’re coming up with ways to provide yourself with a calming interior design, expect to see more round designs in furniture in 2016.

The Recycling of the Industrial Look

industrialThe simple complexity of the industrial look is an amazing thing. To explain the previous sentence further (yes, I know it sounds presumptuous), while the simple part is outlined in the fact that one material is used for the most part, the complexity here revolves around all the bolts, screws and details that can be found with this design. The industrial design is somewhat of a fad nowadays and is expected to reach the status of a full-blown “trend” in 2016.


While on the subject of metals, 2016 is expected to excel in terms of those that have a warm appearance. This tends to be particularly effective in terms of kitchens and bathrooms and brass, copper, gold and rose gold was dominant even throughout 2015. Although trends tend to change (which is the whole point of the world itself), quality materials such as warm metals will never really quite go out of style, which means that this is more than a great investment for your home. Make sure you set your eyes on non-corrosive materials and you can rest assured that your house will look chic enough to inspire a lot of approval from your guests, while paying perfect compliments to the seamless indoors lifestyle of a 21st century modern human being.

Living Rooms

Modern Apartment Interior Design

Modern Apartment Interior Design

Although not a trend in itself, living rooms in general have way too much details to divide them into separate categories. For starters, you can expect extra-large-format tiles to enter your modern living room. Real, or makeshift fireplaces can be perfectly complemented with large tiles, predominantly with black color. When it comes to wallcoverings, it is general advised to approach with similar extra-large-tile design in mind.


Four words come to mind, in terms of 2016 interior design “colored stainless steel appliances”. These tend to look classy, without irradiating an uptight feel – steel is more than often a sign of reliability and functionality. Opt for matte finishing as a symbol of luxury.

All in all, not too many changes are expected to occur in the 2016, other than the increased encouragement of last year’s trends. The mentioned are merely the cream of designs that you can expect to see in 2016, when it comes to everything else, well, time will tell!