Key broken in lockWhen you have to make a selection for replacing the doorknob or you are making a purchase for the doors of your new residence, there is a constant rift between the budget and the quality. While the needs for security push you to make a reliable, ISO standardized purchase, the budgets make you look at the cheaper option. So, it is better to hire the services of the cheapest locksmith with an extensive experience in the field. These locksmiths can use their expertise and the knowledge of the field to find the perfect balance between the expense and the quality. If you are not ready to spend on hiring a seasoned locksmith, follow these tips to buy the cheapest doorknobs without compromising the functionality of the hardware. When you go into the market, a basic doorknob apparatus may be available for only $10 but the costs go high with the increasing features like ornamentation, increased usability and higher security. Few of the models are as expensive as $2000 or up.


1. Making the replacements: When you are replacing the locks on your door, the options of purchase become limited. You will have to keep the factors like the position of the knob, the mechanism of the lock and the style in mind. When the lock replacement is done, the better option is to utilize the already drilled holes instead of making the new ones. If it is a knob handle, you will have to think before buying a latch system. You must also measure the old drilled holes and keep the dimensions with you to buy a similar product.

2. Decide between the high, medium and minimum security: The exterior doors need a resilient lock, the File Cabinet Locks can be of medium security. The interior doors like a bathroom or room doors may be of minimum security. This makes a significant difference on the budget limit. A sturdy lock is definitely more expensive, while the ordinary lock can cost you much lower than your expectations.

3. Choose the locking mechanism: Just in the deadbolt locks, there are three variations of the number of cylinders. So, it is important to make a selection that is appropriate to use. The locking systems are different in knobs, deadbolts, lever handles and electromechanical lock. The user friendly approach must be adopted and the lock must complement the room and the space it is installed in. The age of the user must also be kept in mind and if there is some handicap usage, the lock mechanism will be different.

4. Set your budget: After doing this, you must set your budget limit for the lock purchase. Setting the monetary boundary will narrow down the options and you will be looking into the hardware that lie in your brackets.

5. Practical purchase Vs. Online order: Now, the good part is that the lock purchase can be done practically as well as virtually. Go to the home improvement and hardware stores to check the available options and their respective prices. The cheapest locksmith usually makes the purchases from certain dealers to get special discounts. Other than this, you can shop online. The lower prices and more lock types can be seen and ordered. It will save you from the effort of market research. Also focus on the warranty and installation techniques of the locks.

If the key broken in lock or the lock is jammed, you must be able to claim the warranty. In the online order, there must be option of replacement, if the hardware does not fit your door.

It is better to adopt the same manufacturer for most of the locks to make the rekey of the locks easy.