image 1For anyone who is considering selling their home and investing in a new piece of real-estate it’s important to make smart choices in order not to fail terribly in terms of money and property investment. In today’s climate, it’s really difficult getting the worth you deserve for anything that’s on the market, especially houses and apartments. Given the situation, most families are rather opting for re-modeling than selling but if you are firm on saying “good bye” to your current home and buying a new one, we’ve got some amazing tips that will help you get the ROI (return of investment) you deserve.

Consult a real-estate agent

Before you dive into any offers and negotiations, talk to an experienced real-estate agent for the initial evaluation that will give you an insight into the actual worth of your home. Be prepared not to like what you hear, as it’s possible you’ll be faced with a much lower price than you’d expected. Naturally, that home has a sentimental value for you which practically makes it unsellable at virtually any price, but the first step to take it is face it all and then decide what next to do.

After you’ve got a feedback from the real-estate agent, give yourself a few days to think about your options and decide whether you want to go through the initial idea of selling.

Invest in re-decorating

Unless your home is a villa that’s been maintained by staff, there are surely plenty of things to upgrade in order to increase its selling value. Truth is, you don’t have to invest too much money but rather the amount that will be enough for touch ups. We’d suggest consulting an exterior design architect as he/she will definitely provide valuable input and ideas that will transform the outside of your home to increase its value. This will mostly have to do with replanting your garden, painting the outside walls another color or just treating it to a fresh coat of paint, fixing loose fixtures, etc. They’ll provide you with a plan you’ll then easily implement. If your budget allows it, consider consulting an interior designer as well – again, for helpful suggestions.

Once you’ve done all the upgrades, talk to your property agent again for a follow up evaluation. You’ll be surprised!

Remove clutter

Clutter is our biggest enemy in everyday life; tripping over your son’s bicycle on your way to the kitchen, or running your jacket on your daughter’s crayon collection is definitely not fun on regular days, and just imagine how terrible it is on the day you are showing the home to potential buyers!

To help your home look clean and presentable, remove all the toys from the driveway and front and back yard, and store them in a shed or your children’s toy boxes.

Also, make sure trash cans are emptied and there are no banana peels around to slip on! First impressions always count the most, so make sure yours is amazing!

Don’t rush it

There are plenty of reasons for selling a home and if yours isn’t that urgent – don’t rush into it. Buyers will (probably) be plenty, everyone offering the amount they believe the house is worth. However, you should trust your agent’s evaluation and never go under the estimated price. Unless you are in a hurry to sell, there is no need to underprice your home.

We hope our advice was of help and that you’ll get your money’s worth for your gorgeous home. Good luck!