Although they seem easy for cleaning and maintenance, the hard floor coverings may turn quite difficult in some cases like during the home office cleaning or during the end of lease cleaning. Next are three main opts, which should help you to take the right pick for your case.

Type of stain and type of flooring

Three main options for hard floor cleaningHard cleaning according to the type of stain and type of flooring. The light stains from tea spills, food crumbs, hair, sand and other loose particles are easy for removal with just a vacuuming machine or via grooming brush. However, the most persistent stains are the dried greasy spots. They may include kitchen grease from tomato sauce or butter, as well as dark traces of wearing or pet odor. In all cases, a great idea is to use a stronger detergent solution for these hard stains. Some hard rubbing is not an exception too. Always start from the end of the stains to the very center. Apply the solution with a clean cloth or with a sponge and rub gently until the solution is spread evenly. Let it sit overnight or for a few hours, according to the degree of staining. On the next morning, it will be much easier to remove the stain by rubbing and dabbing. Another great tip is to use a separate bowl only with clean water and keep it clean by changing the clean water over time. The hardest stains on laminate floorings, tiled floors and hardwood floorings require a different treatment. Start by mopping, because most hardwood floorings are resistant to stains and they help you to keep the house clean. Yet because these floorings are also scratch resistant – try to remove the hardest spots with a stiff spatula or even with a sharp knife at a very narrow angle. Then, clean again with the mop and wipe off the dusty dry stripes via another mop.

Domestic detergents

Three main options for hard floor cleaning2Make domestic detergents for the hardest stains on the floors. Most stains can be cleaned with a combination of products, which you probably already have in your home. It comes to products from the kitchen such as dish detergent, baking soda or powdered laundry detergent. According to how much you`re mixing in a bowl with hot water, you can get a strong solution to deal even with coffee spills and dry spots from kitchen grease. A domestic detergent of hot water, baking soda and shampoo creates and even greater foaming effect that will help penetrate even to the base of carpets with long fibers. One you get an awesome and cheap cleaning solution for hard floor cleaning and two – there is no risk of breathing volatile chemical compounds, nor a risk of damaging the delicate fibers with a strong detergent. It only works for spot cleaning and there is nothing to beat the professional cleaning machines when the dirt is spread all over the floor coverings.

Professional cleaning company

By using the services of a professional cleaning company, you get much more than flawless results. The professional carpet cleaners, for example, can take a pick of the best treatment for the specific type of carpet. If it is a lavishly decorate carpet with natural or with hand-knotted fibers – the best cleaning might be via dry foam system. The carpets and rugs with shorter fibers can be cleaned with a hot water- or with a steam-cleaning machine. The professionals also have professional detergents, sanitizing and deodorizing agents, which are definitely recommended for a big home cleaning once a year. A floor scrubber machine for hard floors is another unmatched solution that guarantee the best results for a shorter time.