HouseOnce you finally decide to renovate your home and change all the things that were not functioning well, you should not rush into the project immediately, but be thorough and careful. If you have prepared well, read dozens of articles, and talked to plenty of people who have shared their experiences and offered advice, you still have a few things you need to settle before you take the tools and call the contractors. By being meticulous and careful, you will be able to save money and time, thus ensuring your family and you get ‘new and improved’ home sooner.

How long will you stay in your home?

Another thing to think about before you start renovating is the time you are planning to spend in your hole? Will you stay here for as long as you love, or will you move after five, ten or twenty years? If you are planning to move rather soon, you don’t need to make big changes, but if your home is something you will leave to your family, a ‘legacy’, then you need to have a lot more on your mind: growing teens, future grandchildren, and your own old age. Metal roofs, stone surfaces, durable floors, and excellent plumbing are all things which will ensure that your home stays in good condition for decades.


floorWooden windows are so 12 hours ago, not only does the wood age pretty well, especially when exposed to rain, frost, and sun, but layer upon layer of paint is going to affect them. If replacing each window seems like a too big of an investment, you might try calculating how many new windows you can afford and replace the ones that are in worst condition. Kitchen and living room windows that cannot close properly lose way too much energy and warmth, so try replacing them first. Perhaps there will come the time to change the rest of the windows as well, but if they are not a priority, don’t invest in them at the moment.


Besides painting your ceilings, what else have you been doing to them recently? Ceilings are usually plain white and only used for chandeliers and lights, but what if you can add dark wood or wallpapers to add depth and more texture to the room? Change ceilings in the living room, master bedroom, or children’s room; it does not take too much money and can drastically change the way a room looks. For doing the work on the ceilings, you might want to avoid ladders and opt for a scissor lift instead, because these are much more reliable and safer.


Good water management can save you a lot of time in the long run, and it is not too expensive. Go green with your water usage for a change, think about insulating your hot water tank and pipes to save energy, and install low-flush toilets which are going to save you plenty of energy. If you can, try reshaping your landscaping in such way, that water is drawn away from your foundation instead towards it. In addition, you can also plant a grass parking spot which can act as a grassed swale and help control storm runoff.

Remember two things: no matter how well prepared you think you are, it is going to cost more than you thought and last longer than you expected. Nothing to worry about, it happens to everyone, and if you are looking for ways to overcome these ‘minor obstacles’, keep in mind that proper planning is going to save your nerves and your money.