1 (1)In our constant search for new and interesting ways of adding color and print into our homes, we have gone back to the basics by bringing back the traditional African art and decor. It all started with music and fashion, slowly translating into art, with so many artists including Picasso being inspired by Shona stone sculptures from Zimbabwe and other African heritage.  Finally finding its place in interior design.


Having an Africa-inspired interior has become more than just a design statement, it is now an irreplaceable part of most decorating portfolios. Even the most famous decorators, have now and then produced amazing African interiors that are now being enjoyed by the wealthy house owners.


There are several tricks to having perfect African Interior. Color, print and most importantly temperance. In this article you will learn the three most important tricks to achieving it.


Most of us often opt for our safety net tactics, opting for pale and seamless background, and then adding color through furniture and art pieces. If you own a property with enough light and space, you can afford to turn an entire wall into an art piece by adding painting it in colorful prints, adding African pattern wallpapers or framing it with striking curtains inspired by African culture. With the introduction of colorful African patterns, you are setting the tone for the entire space and from there you can continue your interior design.


Another great way to introduce African spirit into your home is by adding several perfectly placed furniture pieces. be it a skin rug or an armchair with African motifs painted in bright colors. Another great piece of furniture is a coffee table with integrated animal or sculpture design. By placing the perfect piece in the just the right place in the room, you will be able to enhance the strength of African decor, while making a strong style statement. Whatever you choose, be sure that it will make an impression on your guests.

Prints and patterns

2 (1)Another important part of this type of interior design are the Africa-inspired textile patterns. For many years both interior designers and buyers in general were afraid to incorporate these types of fabric into home decoration. Partly due to the bright colors and colorful prints that sometimes completely take over the room, and partly because they saw a challenge in mixing them.


All of this had changed, you can see more and more African pattern fabrics invading the homes of everyday people, from bed covers to table cloths and curtains. The interior designers have changed their approach and started mixing the patterns and colors thus creating a beautiful synergy of shapes that just brightens up a room filling it with positive energy.


The final and most important advice is not to go overboard. You should have one African-inspired room in the house but not the whole house. Another thing to avoid is mixing cultures and design, like adding a Buddha statue to an Africa themed room. This makes a room more kitsch and cluttered. Choosing a definitive design option and working towards realizing it can sometimes be the best solution.
Another aspect of African interiors that demands moderation is the number of items per single room. The most common mistake that most make is to have every single piece in the room ethnic. This can make a room seem more like a shop than a beautifully decorated space. The best option is to mix and match, keeping some of the more modern pieces that are relevant for the space and just adding the right African elements to complete the picture.


Finally, don’t forget to have fun with it. African interiors are meant to be a breath of fresh air in any home. Bringing the feeling of energy, music and color from the old continent into our modern lives. By adding a few Africa-inspired pieces of furniture or linen into your rooms you are sure to make the living space more pleasant and the people living in it or visiting much happier.

By following the ideas and pointers presented in this article there is very little room for error left. The most important lesson is bravery in mixing colors, patterns and shapes, leave the comfort of your everyday life and experience the African wild with the amazing strength that comes from Africa-inspired   interior design ideas.