The Family’s First Electronic Pet or Things to Consider about VacuumingWhat is it that every household has or should have? A kettle, TV or blue bin? Well, maybe yes to all of them, but it is a vacuum cleaner that should definitely be with the family once they settle in their home. When you are moving into a new house, add a hoover to your appliances’ shopping list and you will not regret it in a week’s time, when you find yourself thinking about house cleaning. The hoover is your first electronic pet you should get or adopt from the supermarket if you are planning to run a household. Once you got it, try to treat it respectfully.

Getting a hoover is not a big deal. Though it might cost you some money, depending on the make, your needs and other preferences that might be trending to the moment of purchase. Once you have it, make sure you have a place for it. You definitely do not plan to store your vacuum cleaner in the bin shed. Try to allocate it somewhere in the house, where you could easily find it, so that it could be comfortably stored for each family member to use. Unless it is only you who is going to do carpet cleaning. Do not leave it in the corner or in the hall – it is going to destroy the whole look and atmosphere of your family home.

If you have got a hoover, you can easily do the carpet cleaning. In this case easiness also means efficiency, because vacuuming keeps your carpets clean, especially if it is done regularly. Do not forget that regular vacuuming keeps not only your carpets clean, but the air in the house as well.

Any action requires a certain way of doing it. Vacuuming is only good, when it is being done steadily and slowly. It is mainly dust you are catching with the hoover, not the flies. So there is no need for rushing in carpet cleaning. And plan to spend some time on it.

While vacuuming, pay attention not only to the open and flat surfaces, but also to the corners and odd crevices. The biggest amount of dust does not lie in the centre of a carpet. If you are doing a full house cleaning, do the carpets last. Otherwise you will waste time and efforts on doing them twice. Start from the top, finish with the bottom.

Bear in mind that the vacuum cleaner does not swallow the dust. It helps you to put it into the bin by collecting it in the vacuum bag. As any bin, the dust bag needs to be emptied regularly. Make sure you replace or empty it when it is half or maximum two thirds full.

Regularity is a very relative notion. But regular vacuuming means you should do it at least once a week. Of course, you are allowed you to do it more than once, but regularity in vacuuming depends on various circumstances. High traffic like the one in the office areas requires daily vacuuming. And the same regularity is highly recommended, if you have pets. Twice a week vacuuming would be an ideal formula for a big family house. But for a general household, once a week vacuuming will be an ideal option.