basement drainMoisture on the floors and walls of your basement is not a welcome occurrence, but it can actually happen. That is simply because your basement is directly built on soil, which as you already know may be snugly compounded and leaving voids for rain and ground water to seep through in. For that reason that it is preferable that basements are waterproofed when built. But of course, you wouldn’t know that especially if you bought the house and not built it on your own. Still, you can do the waterproofing even this late because the costs of a wet or flooded basement and its effects are definitely lower than the expenditures you need to put up with when you have to deal with a wrecked foundation or basement slab and walls.

But really, what could be the possible costs of a wet or flooded basement? Literally, this could mean a decent amount especially if there are fixture and appliances installed or left in the basement. On top of those things, you will need to preserve the finishing of the basement and apply waterproofing on the walls and floor slab. So if you would be doing it on your own, you can save a lot on the labor but will have to spend your hard earned $$$ to purchase a quality waterproofing compound like Hydroclay or Drylock among many others. You will also need a portable pump to get the water out of your basement, which you can purchase from the nearest power tools specialty store or rent one from your trusty handyman. You will also spend another sum of $$$ for the drying of your basement and the things that were there when the flooding happens.

You can also consider the health-related problems that a wet or flooded basement can cost you and your family. First of the many is the growth of unwanted yucky organisms on the flood water. Also, there is the chance of not being able to administer proper drying on your basement which will again welcome the instance of growing molds in there. These unwanted green elements can cause diseases that will affect you and your family’s respiratory health. On top of all these is the huge possibility of ending out with a dirty, prone to damage foundation of your house. Now, that is the worst thing that you may be put up with. This will surely require huge amount of money and short-term alteration on your daily routine because you have to keep out of the house until you are sure that the foundation is already restored and the house is already safe to live in once again.

With all these life changing costs of a wet or flooded basement you are looking at, you should be very keen in keeping water off your basement and foundation. And the only effective way you can eventually do that is by waterproofing it permanently. Do that by either applying a resin made especially for the purpose or by installing a drainage system.