French Drain in basementThe French Drain, invented in the 1850s, has been around for decades used specifically to usher water away from buildings and basements, and avoid excess and terrible erosion problems on properties ranging from residential to commercial. In fact, there are several benefits of a French drain that can work wonders when it comes to keeping your house or business free and clear from water issues, and water-related damage:

Removes Extra Moisture

Obviously, like any drain, the French drain is going to work to remove water and get moisture away from the building. But the French drain is designed specifically to work on houses that are built at the bottom or sides of hills, and can be extremely valuable when it comes to creating a place to keep your home dry and your foundation safe.

Options for Drainage

Unlike typical drainage and storage instances that make you collect rain in specific areas around your yard or house, a French drain can be set up so it takes water from an area you don’t want moisture, and pushes it down towards an area that needs more moisture. You can, for example, transport water from your home down to your garden very easily and economically with a French drain set up.

Economical and Efficient Options

French drains use the benefits of the physics surrounding your house and land to work perfectly, and as such, they are much more economical and cost-efficient when compared with other drains from other areas or other systems. For people with complicated irrigation problems, or who are working on a tight budget, French drains can be phenomenal when it comes to picking out and creating the best options for drainage within a tight financial outlook.

Quick Installations!

One of the biggest benefits of a French drain is the quick installation that takes place with the materials. It won’t take months, or even weeks, to install a French drain, and you won’t need to uproot your entire house or backyard just to do it. For people who need an effective drainage system quickly, French drains work wonders when it comes to getting the job done and keeping your house and foundation dry in just a matter of days’ time.

When it comes down to it, French drains just make sense. If you live at or near the bottom of a hill, or around an elevation change of any kind, chances are you are having water accumulate in parts that you shouldn’t around the house. Don’t let that get you down, and definitely don’t let that affect your home; make it so that a French drain eases all your worries and dry foundation issues.

In time, you’ll find out how much piece of mind you’ve restored, and how much money you’ve saved using a simple idea like a French drain to re-channel water and avoid run off right into your home or other building. And before you know it, water will be the last thing on your mind!