With the climate shifting and Mother Nature striking back at the humankind with vengeance, there is no knowing when you the need for some emergency gear may arise. It is always better to be safe than at the mercy of violent elements, so stock up your survival supplies while the weather still allows it. To help you assemble your storm-surviving staples, we have a list of critical items you will probably want to have at hand should the next apocalypse strike soon: even though gods favor the brave, it is the cautious and well-prepared ones that get out unscathed when the elements turn wild.

Keep in touch: Communication equipment

radiosStorms frequently lead to power failures, and your phone will go dead once the battery drains with no electricity to top it up. To stay in touch with the rest of the world in case of a natural disaster, prepare a battery-powered radio, extra cell phone batteries and an external charger. Also, establish a communication plan with your family and neighbors so that nobody gets stranded or forgotten with the elements raging outside.

Warm and comfy: Heating supplies

Though you will want to keep a cool head once a storm strikes, you will need some basic heating gear to stay warm and cozy. Stock up blankets, sleeping bags and warm winter clothing, and make sure your fireplace is functioning and supplies of dry wood or gas are sufficient to tide you over until the weather clears. It would also be convenient to have portable kerosene heaters ready in case other fuel runs out (just remember to keep heaters at least three feet away from flammable fabrics such as drapes or felted furniture).

Safety first: Emergency within an emergency

Emergency kit with a carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarm and emergency fire-fighting units should always be easily accessible and in working order, especially with a potential storm on the perimeter. Stay on guard for signs of smoke or gas leaks during a natural disaster: with tensions high, focus low and panic just a thought away, accidents happen easily, and a fire or toxic leaks are the last thing you want on your hands when storm-locked inside the house.

Yummy regardless of the weather: Food and cooking gear

Once the storm begins, you and your family may have to stay cooped up indoors for a while which means no fresh food or water supply. Prepare sufficient quantity of canned or no-cook food, ample drinking water provisions, can openers and a portable gas stove for heating liquids and ready-made food. Also, have a few battery-powered flashlights, lamps or lanterns for a power failure emergency, and avoid using charcoal grills, candles and other open flames which may set off smoke alarms or cause a fire indoors.

Healthy in spite of the elements: First-aid kit

first aidEven if you do not suffer from a chronic illness, a first-aid kit and basic medical supplies are essential to surviving lengthy spells of wild weather. Check your emergency kit to make sure all the items are in good order, and get prescription drugs in case a family member falls ill suddenly. Aspirins, band-aids, bandages, antibiotics, cold compresses, tweezers, thermometer and antiseptics are a must, and fever reducers and pain relievers may come in handy so do not go braving a storm without them.

In addition to these critical indoor necessities, you should definitely not leave home with a storm in the making without a working compass, shovel, rope, tire chairs, road salt, road maps, basic tool kit, booster cables, emergency flares, paper towels and waterproof matches. All set? Bring it on, monster storm: we can handle you like a joke.