shower-head-590Not all home upgrades are created equal. Some home improvement projects affect the value and desirability of a home more than any others. More specifically, kitchen and bathroom upgrades give your home the most value. Upgrades made to a bathroom can result in greater than 100% return on investment! If you are considering making updates to your home, the shower in your bathroom is a smart and rewarding place to start.

Deep clean grout and re-caulk all seams. If you have a tile bathroom, the first thing you should do before making any updates is to freshen grout and re-caulk all seams. A simple deep cleaning of all of the grout between your tiles, paired with a well-applied caulking will give your bathroom an immediate facelift. If you do plan on making additional upgrades, it is important to ensure that you begin with your best foot forward.

Add a glass door to your shower. Shower curtains are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Glass shower doors create the illusion of openness, a welcome change for any small bathroom. You need not worry about the shape of your existing shower. Professional glass providers such as Karsey Glass can make custom cuts to fit your shower’s unique needs.

Replace your showerhead. One relatively low-cost upgrade is replacing your shower head. The $20 retail showerheads are simple to install. If you are looking for something a bit more upscale and willing to spend a little extra, you can easily increase water pressure and comfort of during your shower experience with a “rain showerhead.” These types of showerheads drop water straight down from the center of the shower, rather than at an angle from the wall.

Get creative with your lighting. Unique lighting options have become increasingly affordable in recent years. LED lights capable of displaying any color are cheap and easy to install. For example, you could place LEDs behind the wall-facing lip of your tub, which would produce a glowing ambiance around this feature. Nautical or industrial-styled light fixtures can also add a special touch to make your bathroom space unique.

Add a speaker. For those long, decadent showers, or perhaps to help wake you up in the morning, install a Bluetooth speaker in your bathroom. You can go about this in several ways. You could take the permanent approach and install the speaker directly into the ceiling or wall. If you’re on a tight budget, you could always invest in a waterproof, battery powered Bluetooth speaker made for showering purposes.

For your next round of home upgrades, look to your bathroom shower first!