Selling Your Home in a Balanced Market

Sold HouseWhen the real estate market is hot, it’s really not that difficult to sell your home. But when we move into a more balanced market, things become more difficult, you can’t just list your home and expect it to sell; you need to take some basic steps to ensure your home as the best possible chance of selling.

In a competitive real estate market you really need to keep an eye on the competition. Buyers will view multiple listings and pick the one that’s right for them; this could be the cheapest, the one in the best area, or any other criteria which they deem important. In order to ensure your home sells you have to ensure that your home stacks up well against the competition. If you are using a good Realtor they should keep on top of this, keeping you informed of new listings and prices changes of similar properties in your area. It is often a good idea to take a tour of the competition, that way to can see exactly what you are up against. And remember the competition may not only include resale homes, it can also include new construction.

Condition, Condition, Condition

Ensure that your home is in the best possible condition; don’t give the buyer an opportunity to form a negative opinion just because of a few easy DIY jobs. Ensure that all those honey to do jobs have been completed, your home should be in a condition where the buyer thinks they could move in without having to decorate or fix anything. Remember that this also included the flooring, if your carpet has seen its best days get it cleaned and if that does not work consider replacing it. Spending money on your home when you plan to leave may seem like a waste but it may mean the difference of selling and not selling.

Stage It

Ensure your home is staged for selling. Everything should be neat, tidy, free from smells and free of clutter. If you have to rent a storage unit rather than stuffing everything in the basement (even that needs to be neat and tidy). Remove anything that people may find offensive, this includes but is not limited to religious artifacts, nude pictures, and stuffed animals.  If you want to see how a home should look for selling take a look at a new construction modal home.

Outside matters too

Don’t forget the outside, especially the front. This is the first area a buyer sees and should create a good first impression. Your garden should be neat, tidy and free from weeds. If it’s the right season consider planting some flowers. Your front door should be clean, and work properly. It’s amazing the number of sticking doors or difficult to open doors I come across. For that extra touch even consider purchasing a welcome mat.

Trela Bird is an experienced Realtor working in the Salt Lake Real Estate market.  She specializes in helping people who are relocating to the area, and is an expert in the Daybreak Real Estate market.

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