poolSwimming pools are beautiful additions to any home, but are a lot of work to maintain. Unless you’re spending an extra $100-$200/month hiring a poolman you’re doing all of the work yourself. This includes a big list of chores such as:

  • brushing pool steps
  • tracking pH level of the pool
  • using a pool skimmer to remove debris from the surface
  • vacuuming the pool floor
  • cleaning your pool filter

Even if you use a robotic pool cleaner you’ll still need to do most of these steps yourself. All together, these all take a large chunk of time. If you’re diligent then all of these steps can easily take 6-8 hours a month.

Fortunately, there is a way to greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on your pool so that you have more free time. I’ll outline how pool covers will reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your pool, and will also explain how they can save you hundreds of dollars over a few years in the conclusion.

Pool Covers Reduce Pool Debris

Pool covers are one of the best items you can purchase for your pool because they are great for a variety of reasons. However, the biggest way they help is by really cutting down the time and energy you use to maintain your pool.

A majority of the time spent on pool maintenance is used to get debris such as dirt, leaves, or rocks out of the pool. The time consuming steps – brushing the walls & steps, skimming the surface, and vacuuming the floor are all done to get rid of the debris. As I’m sure you know, all of these tasks combined take a lot of time.

What pool covers do is shield your pool from incoming debris. Since they are essentially a layer of specialized plastic material, placing it on top of the pool will allow the debris to fall on the cover instead of into the pool. This easily eliminates a majority of the debris that falls into the pool.

For those who get a lot of sticks and leaves from nearby trees pool covers will make a huge difference as pool covers can reduce the amount of debris by 90%. Naturally, results will vary but in my own experience I went from cleaning my pool 3-4 times a month to once a month.

You can bet that I love not having to clean my pool every weekend!

Pool Covers Reduce Evaporation

Pool covers also help you save time & money by reducing the amount of evaporation your pool experiences. Since pool covers act as blankets it blocks some of the sun going into the pool and will help trap moisture which can  reduce the refill water amount by 30-50% according to the US government.

When your pool water evaporates you need to add water back into the pool which takes some time and money. Because pool covers reduce evaporation you can expect to not only save time refilling your pool, but also some water.

Pool Covers Reduce Pool Chemicals

Utilizing a pool cover helps time and money be reducing the need to monitor pH levels and add chemicals.

Less Debris – Less Chemicals

It’s obvious that debris in your pool makes your pool ugly and dirty. However, what is less known is that it also changes the pH levels of your pool. Having pH levels outside the recommended range can allow algae to grow which can be difficult to remove.

Organic debris such as plant matter or insect matter will change the chemical composition of your pool as they decompose. In turn, this will alter the pH level in your pool.

Since pool covers reduce the amount of debris in your pool your pH levels won’t change as much. Instead of checking your pool’s pH level once a week as recommended, you can now do so every 2-3 weeks in confidence as well as spend less money on chemicals.

 According to the US government (same article as before)  you can reduce the chemicals required by 35%-60% which can result in huge savings.

Most pool owners spend roughly $200-$300/year. If you’re saving just 50% then that’s easily saving $100-$150/year which will add up.


Pool covers are useful in a lot of different ways. They’re good for the environment, your bank account, and your time. They may require a small upfront cost of $50-$200 (we recommend the higher quality ones), but they will typically save you hundreds of dollars over their lifetime.

If you want to spend less time and money on your pool then getting a pool cover is a must. You won’t regret it.

Author Bio:

Laurie is a proud mother of 2 children and loves swimming. Although not a professional, she often helps many friends, family, and neighbors with pool questions. They inspired her to create a blog which can be found at http://ultimatepoolguide.com/.