1Light sets the mood of a room and its placement and type is of the utmost importance. Lighting works in conjunction with furniture, room size and layout, colors and décor. When these elements come together, rooms start to speak in many visual languages. With a staggering amount of modern lighting options, though, it is not easy to choose the right type of lights for each room. They come in all styles and enable every design expression possible, which is a double-edged sword indeed.

See in the new light

The first thing to note is that both the design and function matter when considering the fittings. Bear in mind that shape, color, style and size all matter and that scale and proportion must be accessed properly. Ornamentation and complexity, for example, is the way to go in more traditional, rustic living environments. Clean-line shapes and materials like glass and steel, on the other hand, complement contemporary furnishings quite well.

Now, living room is a cozy place for family relaxation. As a hub of domestic life, it also serves multiple purposes, making the choice of lighting paramount. Here, a modern chandelier or a hanging light serves well as a main lighting, drawing the attention of the spectators. Such a focal point should be set in a way to prevent the casting of shadows across the room. Furthermore, use lamps to create a pleasant atmosphere and accessorize the space with shapes and colors. The best places for them are corners of the room, or on the tables and shelves.

Feel the warmth

Function reigns supreme in the kitchen, but visual appeal is a welcome guest too. Hanging lighting fixtures like pendant lights is both a practical and stylish way to enhance the appearance of this room. So, put the focus on a kitchen island and table, or hang pendants in a group to add life to the whole area. Also, for a more subtle approach, ceiling mounted fixtures are a sound choice. They come in various styles and are easily combined with other décor elements, although some people prefer recessed lighting and their laid back feel.

Now is the time to turn to the bedroom, a place reserved for peace and quiet where warm lighting is the best investment. A picturesque ceiling mounted lighting fixture should take a central stage, while smaller, decorative lighting accents are a nice addition. Mood lighting sets the right soothing tone, but for creating something truly special, use minimalist recessed LED downlights.  Accent light is great for highlighting a work of art, a stylish table lamp is a must-have for bedtime reading, while sitting areas provide a good spot for task lighting.

2Finally, lighting plays a crucial role when it comes to bathroom vanities. Recessed lighting is an obvious choice, but decorative sconces are great for achieving a spa mood or delivering a touch of elegance. Unconventional solutions like wall scones are growing more popular and bathroom mirrors are a perfect spot for some task lighting.  Although bathrooms are considered nontraditional places for bigger fixtures like chandeliers, that kind of thinking is changing.  Many designers seek ways to add some romance and incorporate an exquisite feel, so do not shy away from unexpected and daring moves.

In the spotlight

Lighting is a key element in the design of any room. Ensure that the most flattering illumination is also the most functional, and think outside the box. Well-placed accents will do wonders for giving the visual side of the living space a makeover. Fixed lighting makes rearranging difficult, which is why flexible and portable solutions are the ones that steal the show. Even the small accessories like lamps can make a big design difference, so keep an eye for detail. It is time to get organized and go step by step, room by room.