kitchen worktopIf you want to change your kitchen worktop, you can go about the process using two simple methods. First of all, you can employ a professional such as a plumber to do the job for you. This option might be quite costly depending on the level of work involved. On the other hand, you can do the job by yourself. If you decide to replace the worktop by yourself, you will need to have some tips and instructions to do the job properly.

The best type of worktop for your kitchen is laminate countertops. They are fully functional, look great and are inexpensive. They can be best used for a quick and inexpensive kitchen remodel. Make sure you have taken the right measurements before you go buying a laminate worktop. It is better to have a bigger worktop so that you can reduce its size if you need to.

Turn of the water supply in your home before you start any work. Once you have disconnected the water supply, you should disconnect the plumbing of your kitchen sink. You will need a wrench to disconnect the plumbing. Just to be safe, make sure you place a large basin or bowl under the plumbing. This will help you arrest any excess water that may come out of the plumbing when you are disconnecting it.

If your kitchen worktop is made from laminate, you can use a screw driver to unscrew it. Locate and remove all the screws you can find under the worktop. To break or remove the line of old caulk that runs along the back of the worktop, use a sharp object such as a utility knife. Try and remove the countertop. In some cases, you may find that it is quite impossible. When such a situation occurs, use the utility knife along the sink’s edges. Make sure you also remove the clips found beneath the sink and remove it together with the worktop.

On the top of cabinets, put a small bead of caulk. Set the new worktop carefully on top of the caulk. Use the screws from the old worktop to screw in the new worktop in place. If the new worktop had its own screws, use them instead of the old ones. Put a bead of caulk along the wall where the worktop meets the wall. Use your finger to smooth the caulk and let it dry completely.

Now you can get a jig saw and use it to cut out the hole of the sink. The old sink can be used to mark the location of the hole in the worktop. To avoid any chipping as you cut the new laminate worktop, make sure there is clear tape over the markings. Use a drill to make a small hole in the corner of the marked template. Place the jig saw in the hole you have just made and cut out a hole for the sink. Now you can install the sink and you will have successfully finished installing the new worktop. Installation of a new kitchen worktop should not be something that is hard to do. All you need is a little concentration and the above guideline.