removing popcornPopcorn ceilings have been a staple throughout interior design since the 1970s, but have become an outdated and unwanted type of decor. If your home’s ceilings are plastered with popcorn and you are tired of this look, you can remove and replace it in a few simple steps. Discover the process of removing your popcorn ceiling, and replace it with a more up-to-date look.

Test for Asbestos: Many homes built prior to 1978 were built with harmful materials, including asbestos. Before you begin removing your ceiling, it is important to test the popcorn material for asbestos. Purchase an at-home asbestos testing kit from your local hardware store. Then, scrape off a small corner piece of your ceiling to test. If your ceiling tests positive for asbestos, do not remove it yourself. Contact a company that specializes in asbestos removal.

Scrape: The best, most cost-effective way remove a popcorn ceiling is to scrape it away. First, remove any furniture from the room and cover the walls and flooring with plastic. Next, soak the ceiling with water. You can use a spray bottle or garden sprayer to complete this step, just be sure to work in small areas. Using too much water over too large of an area could cause the surface underneath to become soaked and damaged. Once the water has soaked in, use a ceiling texture scraper to remove the soaked popcorn material. Work gently to ensure a smoother surface.

Wipe Down & Spackle: After the scraping is completed, use a damp sponge to wipe away excess dust or popcorn material. Make sure not to use too much water during this process, as it could soak through the drywall and cause damage. If there are any holes or imperfections in the wall, fill them in with spackle. Allow time for the spackle to dry, then sand down the surfaces for a smooth finish. Use a damp sponge for a final cleaning prior to priming and painting.

Prep & Paint:  Once your ceiling is a smooth texture, you are ready to prime and paint. Using a paint roller and extendable handle, prime the entire ceiling. You may need to apply two coats of paint to ensure any blemishes do not show through the top coat. If necessary, you can sand again in between primer coats. Finally, apply a flat top coat to complete your ceilings new look.

Removing a popcorn ceiling is a challenging task, but if you are equipped with the right tools and implement a proper method, you can update the look of your ceiling. For help with popcorn ceiling removal, reach out to the experts at CertaPro Painters of Syosset or call (631)-319-7173.