finished basementHaving an unfinished basement can make your entire home feel incomplete, like something is missing and you need to do something to change that. Simply by remodeling and finishing your basement your home can feel complete, comfortable and more valuable. Having a basement is like having an extended part to your home – more room for fun and games, entertainment area and more room for expanding the family. What can remodeling and finishing your basement do for your home?

One of the biggest benefits is that having a finished basement is going to boost up the value of your home. You will get a better price per square foot, just like any other project that helps to increase space in your home. When you have a finished basement it is going to feel more complete and provide you with more living space, which is a plus to a potential buyer.

Along with value, you are going to have much more space added on to your home. A completed basement can provide many different options for rooms, whether you have a game room, a spa room, move theater room, or plenty of other choices for what you do with all the added space.

By remodeling and finishing your basement you can have a new comfortable place to spend your time indoors. With insulation, the basement is the coolest place in the summer and the warmest in the winter months. This makes it ideal for you as it is also cheaper on your utility bills to spend your time in this space that creates a comfortable temperature for you.

You can make some extra income if you are looking to rent the basement out. With a finished basement, basements rent at roughly 75% of the cost of your monthly mortgage, which can help you cover the cost of finishing the basement to begin with.

When you are looking to upgrade your home in some way, consider what you can do to the basement. A remodel or finishing project can change the whole way your house appears to you and your guests. By increasing the value of your home, the basement is an important space in your home and you can use it in any way that you desire. You will have much more space in your home for entertainment and other activities.

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