Remodeling 5 Things That Bring Up Your Home ValueWhile property value isn’t exactly like car depreciation (drive it off the lot and lose half its worth), remodeling a home can help increase the home’s value. While all improvements are not equal and making changes in the home is not a guaranteed way to increase a home’s value, putting some thoughtful sweat equity into a home’s interior (and exterior) is a good way to make the home more comfortable and attractive. By thoughtfully selecting and carefully completing a few small home upgrades, you can make a little go a long way in terms of increasing your home’s value.

Invest in the kitchen

Whether amateur foodies or professional chefs, very few people don’t want a great kitchen. Food just has a way of bringing people together, and your kitchen should too. While an overall kitchen remodel can be quite costly, doing a few custom tweaks can offer a bigger bang for a smaller buck.

Key kitchen features include appliances, countertops, and cabinets. Redoing these elements is a great way to change the look of your home as well as bring up the value of the home.

Consider the curb appeal

Little does more for bringing up the value of the home than adding a warm, inviting appearance. The way that the home looks from the outside is just as important in terms of value as how it looks on the inside. Making a few upgrades to the outer curb appeal will really make your home stand out. Consider adding landscaping such as custom plants and shrubs. Paired with a new brick lined, some greenery really amps up the value of the home. Even a fairly minimal investment of just $400-500 often brings a valuable return of 3-4 times the initial payout.

Expand the entertainment

While few people are necessarily looking for it, a great home theater is an absolute wow factor. Even if your home does not have an additional room or secluded space for an in-home theater, consider wiring the living room for surround sound and prime viewing. One place to look for home sound system and other audio equipment is Home Audio Los Angeles. Using high quality sound equipment and effective staging in a room will add a unique entertainment space and instantly increase the value of your home.

Let in the light

Adding a new light fixture is an easy way to instantly update the look and feel of the home. Selecting a fixture that is in line with the period construction of your home is a great way to add cohesion to a home as well as additional value.

Sneak in some storage

Whether your home has it or not, extra storage space is a huge value enhancer. This project can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Adding a closet is a bit more timely of a project but can be accomplished by building into a wall. Likewise, just staging a freestanding armoire in a room without a closet is a great way to sneak in some organization, change the look of the space, and boost up the value of your home.


Whether you are looking to sell or just wanting to maintain the value of your home, taking the time to make a few small improvements can go a long way in increasing the property’s value.