walls1There is nothing inspiring about staring at a blank wall and waiting for it to miraculously become livelier. However, if those familiar surfaces had mouths, they would scream: “Do not neglect me!” Our living environments affect us in a myriad of ways, and set the tone for our mood.

Many people tend to overlook the fact that no other element in your home makes such an impact on the overall appearance as walls do. The good news is that you are not bound to spend money like there is no tomorrow, since there are many simple, inexpensive steps you can take.

Show your true colors

Paint is your primary tool for transforming the walls. Now, bright colors that add drama are not everyone’s cup of tea. The most important thing is that you feel good about choosing a certain color and that it suits your taste. That said, you could consider painting only the focal wall in a bright tone if you are not feeling too adventurous. Use a rich color on that wall, and utilize less bright shades for others. This will still give the space much-needed depth and character.

As an alternative, you can opt for canvases which add a splash of color. Do not be afraid to think big, and muse on giant canvases that cover the whole wall. High art is not the only option, especially when you are decorating on a budget. When framed appropriately, even photocopied art can seem sophisticated and serve the purpose.  If you have your own art pieces, beautiful galleries of photos, or kids that adore art projects, display them before anything else.

Writings on the wall

walls2Do not shy away from interesting DIY projects, and try to think outside the box. Many materials come with striking patterns and shapes that could be the breath of fresh you are craving for. Cut the contact paper into strips and use it as a border around windows or along ceiling lines. If you do not like the new looks, you can peel it off and start over. You may also use decoupage techniques to place materials like gift-wraps onto the wall. Do not forget mirrors, as they amplify the space and add some light to it.

Many people like to put their favorite quotes and inspirational sayings on the walls. It is possible to do this with a bit of paint or stencils and stamp letters. So, the next time you are lost in your thoughts, you may actually find some guidance in the words of wisdom. These letters also give your living environment a new dimension and enable you to personalize it. There are many other ways to achieve the similar effect. Did you know, for example, that colorful plates can make a unique wall arrangement?

Note that your windows are an integral part of the wall décor, even more so if you put some cool curtains, drapes or blinds. They enable you to both enjoy your privacy and let the natural light and fresh air in. You can visit places like wholesale blinds online to check out products such as roller shades, mini blinds, and skylight shades. It is important to match the color of coverings with the rest of décor and furniture, so always keep the big picture in mind.

Home, warm home

There is no excuse this time. Roll up your sleeves and treat yourself to a stunning wall decoration that brightens up your days spent at home. Create an appealing backdrop for your rooms, and experiment with hues, textures and sizes. Get creative and showcase your collections and DIY projects. Add a wow effect to monotonous surfaces and see the whole atmosphere changing. With some color and statement pieces, walls start to speak to you in more than one language, and provide warmth every home needs.