Picking The Right Wall Decor To Fit Your StyleRegardless of how much redecorating you plan to do, you can still infuse character into a room with some carefully selected wall decor. The trick is to select pieces that enhance your decor and express your personality. The last thing wall decor should be is generic. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and shake things up a bit or defy convention.

Beyond the Frame

Who says wall art has to be limited to a single frame – or any frame at all. Got a favorite vacation photo? Blow it up and spread it out across multiple frames. It doesn’t even have to be in order or on the same wall. Really ditch the frame and cover an entire wall with a map, a collage of photos, or old band posters. Go to your local print shop and have some photos printed on transparent paper (you can also do it on your Mac) that can be attached to a wall mirror or mirrored door for a unique look.

Express Your Passion

Broaden your definition of wall art and go with anything that has some artistic value to you. If you have a passion for birds, for instance, do some exploring on Ebay or at yard sales and find anything remotely related to birds. What can’t be conveniently attached to a wall can easily be framed or placed on shelves.

Go Retro for a Fun ‘New Look’

Sometimes going out of the box means out of this decade. Think retro and do some exploring at local flea markets and yard sales for some hidden gems for your wall. If you want to maintain your budget, how about framing some of your favorite magazine covers or re-purposing some childhood action figures or dolls? When it comes to wall decor, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Don’t Forget the Windows

Once you’ve selected your wall decor, complete the look by sprucing up your windows. Take a trip to your local fabric store for some inspiration for new curtains, layer it up with some sheers, or just change your color scheme. If you don’t really want to spend a lot of time on your window accessories, consider ready-made coverings at places like Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions, Target or your local hardware store.


Carefully selected wall art can also round out bare spots or minimize empty corners. When it comes to wall decor, the only rule you need to know is that there are no rules as long as you’re happy with the results.