How to Style Your House before Selling

Selling a home is a stressful experience, particularly if you are selling it by yourself. Styling your home is important before you put it on the market for sale, since it will help in attracting buyers and may also increase the overall price of the property as well.
Many real estate experts have revealed that if you want to get your property off the market fast, the best way is to style your house before selling. Staging your home properly before you sell it will ensure that you are able to attract a large pool of buyers.
We asked some experts to provide us with styling tips that will enhance the appeal of the home, while also increasing its overall value as well. So here are some suggestions by the experts on how to style your house before selling it:

#1 Paint it all

A fresh coat of paint throughout the house can do wonders for the appeal, the look, and the value of the home. It also allows you to redecorate your house, thereby getting rid of little marks and scruffs that were bringing down the overall look of the house. Make sure that you select a colour that matches with the overall design of your home. To save money, you can try painting it all by yourself.

#2 Enhance the lighting

Replacing outdated lighting fixtures will help in terms of styling your home. If you have got lighting fixtures that are more than 10 or 15 years old, you should probably consider changing them. Also keep in mind the type of buyers that you’re trying to attract when you choose lighting fixtures, and try not to break the bank on them.

#3 Focus on de-cluttering

Make sure that you don’t have any old or unwanted stuff lying around your home, since it is highly unappealing to new buyers. You should focus on de-cluttering your home, and getting rid of all unwanted items and furniture. It will also help create extra space in your home, and will make it look more spacious, roomy, and stylish as well. You can host a garage sale before deciding to sell your home, so that you can de-clutter your home properly.

#4 Renovate the bathrooms

All real estate experts agree that the styling of the bathrooms plays a big role in determining the appeal of the home. New home buyers will often look at the bathrooms in the home to decide whether they want to purchase the house or not. That is why when you’re styling your home, you should renovate the bathrooms, since it will enhance the appeal of the home.

#5 Remove the curtains

When you’re styling your home before selling it you should take down the curtains, so that the new home buyers can get a good look at the window fixtures around the house. Doing so also ensures that more light enters the house, and it makes it look more spacious, which can play a part in increasing the overall price of the home.

6 Tips for Creating a Perfect Home Garage

image 1Some people see their garage just as a place where they park their car, but that’s a big mistake. A garage is an essential part of every house and therefore deserves the same amount of love and attention as any other room. And if you think that all that space is somehow less functional, less pleasant, and of lesser worth than the rest of your house, that is only because you have not put enough effort into making your garage any different. Let us see what you can do to correct that mistake.

Let there be Light

Making any kind of repairs on your four wheeled friend would be impossible if you are unable to distinguish a wrench from a screwdriver. Install few bright and light sources that are easy on the eyes (you should position them so that all the parts of the garage are well lit no matter where you stand) and make this problem disappear. Utilizing as much of natural light as you can goes without a saying – Just place the windows on the northern and the southern part of garage to avoid unpleasant morning/evening glare.

Choose the Right Colors

When we think of a garage, the first thing that pops up to our minds is some greasy, industrial-looking space. Garages do not have to look that way. As a matter of fact, they should follow the same design language as the rest of your house’s interior and exterior. Choosing some fresh and bold colors over the same old whites and greys will make the garage a place where you will actually like to spend your free time.

Watch Where You Step

image 2Of course, bright colors may help your garage appear more pleasant, but how pleasant it will actually be, you’ll be able to determine only after you spend few hours standing behind the workbench. Do your feet a favor and install an anti-fatigue matte finish there. As for the rest of the garage, you can choose between plastic, rubber, and wooden tiles. They all have their pros and cons so be sure to check them all out before you make a final decision.

The More Storage the Better

Keep one thing in mind, though – This commodity should not come at the price of conformity, and the storage units should not obstruct the free movement throughout the garage. Tackle this issue by installing wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tool racks, hanging bike racks and any kind of storage units that will not occupy too much space, or can easily be put out of the way. If you are ambitious, you can even upgrade your garage with an attic and use it is an added storage space.

Choose the Right Doors

This one is really a no-brainer – Automatic doors may be more expensive than the regular ones, but they are much more convenient. Also, you should strongly consider opting for either sectional or roller variety, because they both need zero clearance. Steel is very affordable, durable and secure material, and it requires very little maintenance which makes it a perfect solution for every budget.

Put Things into Perspective

Last but not least, you should never consider any upgrade on your garage the final one. Who knows, you may one day become an avid visitor to earthmoving auctions and you may have to make necessary garage upgrades to accommodate your newly found passion. It would be such a shame if you would have to rebuild the roof that’s too low or tear down the shed you have built right next to garage.

If you follow these few tips, your garage should end up being much brighter, more pleasant, more functional and ready for any further upgrades you may want to make along the way. The most important of all, your garage will finally become an equal member of your house.


Moving Into A New House? Here Is What You Should Do


image 4You have bought yourself a new home and are about to move in. But before you do that, no matter whether the house is brand new or had tenants until recently, you have to get the house ready for your family and yourself. Cleaning, painting, and fixing up the exterior are possibly some of the most obvious tasks, but perhaps you have not thought up of them all. Here are some of the most basic things one should do before setting a new home for a comfortable habitation spot.

  1. Clean It Up

Previous tenants may or may not leave the house clean for you. In both cases, you will want to clean everything yourself. If you are going to do it, set up an area where you will place all the tools and supplies that you will need for the job. Cleaners for various types of surfaces, mops, buckets, brooms, and a vacuum. Protect yourself by using rubber gloves, and make sure there is a healthy supply of it.

  1. New Exterior Doors Locks 

When you move into a new house, other people are likely to have the keys to it – maintenance people, realtors, and previous owners. As you want to be the only one who has the keys, installing new locks on exterior doors should not be overlooked. Have a locksmith to install you a new lock set or buy and install it yourself. It will give you some peace of mind in the future.

  1. Closet Organizers

By getting new closet organizers, your life there would be more enjoyable and moving in will be less stressful. Older houses have those simple a-pole-and-a-shelf closets. Think about where you plan to put and keep all your stuff, from laundry detergent to boots and raincoats.

  1. Painting

Painting all the ceilings and walls can be quite time consuming. One must inspect the walls and ceiling for any potential damage (holes, cracks, and similar defects), and prepare the surfaces for applying fresh paint. If there is no one that could help you with this, you should consider hiring professionals that will do the painting work for you.

  1. Window Treatments

Window treatments should be installed both for a finishing visual touch and privacy. Get some nice temporary and inexpensive shades and place it on your windows while moving in and setting everything up. They probably won’t be the best solution for a window treatment, but that is something you will think about, later after some time passes and you get used to your new premises.

  1. Mechanical Equipment

mage 3Mechanical equipment should be cleaned and serviced before the house is inhabited. Heating and cooling systems should be checked, and there should be a service contract in case the system stops working during winter days, so will not be obliged to overpay to get a service technician to come and fix it. If you have an extensive entertainment system, you will have to install everything in your new home, or can hire professionals, such as Universal Home Theatre, to install your home cinema, mount the TV on the wall, arrange and install the speakers, and even provide you with a complete audio-visual house solution.

  1. New Switch Plates (Along with Other Devices)

In case you notice mismatched outlets, damaged or rusted air vent covers, or discolored and dirty cover plates, give your new house some newness and uniformity by reinstalling them all. It will make a home look newer and cleaner. Switching the cover plates is quite easy and can be done with just a small screwdriver. However, replacing electrical devices is not advisable if you do not know how to work with electricity. Call an electrician or someone who has the skills and expertise to do it.

Completing these tasks before you move into a new home will make your future residing more comfortable and enjoyable. If you leave it for later, some jobs may cost you more time and money than they would while the house was still empty. Take care of security, organization, privacy, and make sure that all the electrical and mechanical systems and devices are safe and reliable. Good luck!



Surviving an International Relocation: Real Life Tips

The thought of moving round the corner is bad enough, but what about when you gotta relocate overseas? Particularly if this is a first for you, the likelihood of running into some sort of relocation nightmare is unfortunately quite high! Luckily, we’ve gathered these handy, real-life tips to help you out. Read on, and ensure your move overseas goes as smoothly as possible. Take a look!

Pack well, but not too well

33937180_sAs soon as you know you’re moving, make an inventory of your current belongings. Decide what you need and what you could do without. De-clutter! If possible, get a floor plan of your new home to make this process easier. Obviously the less stuff you have to take with you, the easier the move. Make a packing schedule, and stick to it. Don’t pack too well! Set aside a room for items that are not to be included in the shipping inventory, such as sentimental stuff and hard drives with personal information. Clearly label these “do not pack”. Retain access to all important documents, like academic records, medical records, birth certificates, lists of important phone numbers, wills, marriage certificates, passports and work visas. Digitally back up all important documents.

Decide how to transport your stuff

By air or by sea? It depends on your budget and what you need to lay your hands on the moment you arrive. Do your research into the various costings. In short, the stuff that you think is critical to have with you when you arrive should go via air, while anything you don’t need straight away is likely better to go by sea.

Choose an international moving company

Do this as early as possible. Research potential companies well. Select companies with plenty of proven experience and good referrals. Obtain quotes (generally free) from at least three companies. It’s a good idea to select a company that will visit you prior to booking. This way, you get an expert opinion on the volume of your goods, and can discuss customs requirements in person.

Ensure your paperwork is perfect

If you are organising immigration yourself, then you need to pay extremely close attention to the required paperwork. It’s recommended to contact an immigration lawyer or visa arragnement agency to help you do this. Read up well on the paperwork requirements. Know when your deadlines for submissions are, how long the forms will take to process and all rules applicable to the importation of your household goods into your new country of residence.


Think about the sort of auto insurance policy you will need overseas. Will you require a special licence? Contact your health care insurance and life insurance providers where applicable to discuss what’s covered where, for how long. Also, be sure to insure the move itself!

Bank accounts

Do you research early and be aware of what documents you’ll need to open accounts in your new country.

Timing of move

Wherever possible, choose the timing of your move carefully. Relocation services are the busiest at the beginning and end of every month. Know when your new country’s holidays are, and avoid them. Bear in mind, summer is generally busier than winter as far as international relocations are concerned.


32857819_sIf you have pets requiring relocation, get on to this as early as possible. They’ll need shots and paperwork. Some countries require animals to be quarantined for a considerable period of time upon arrival. There are specialist companies providing pet relocation services.


Color Me Perfect: Curb Appeal Coloring Strategies

Anyone who has ever tried decorating their home knows the importance of color palettes. colors of your furniture, curtains, and walls should match or look good together, that is no secret, but what about exterior? Did you ever stop to think about the colors of your home on the outside? People tend to forget that painting their house white does not mean that the job is finished, and that there is much more to be considered and done before you can say that your home looks appealing.

Should it match the interior?

image 1There are people who are reluctant to have the same colors on the outside as well as on the inside, but it does not have to be the wrong move. If you have inherited your home and find it to be dated inside, color the outside first and experiment – you don’t have to follow old patterns anymore. However, if you are renovating and find wonderful color schemes for your interior, it is only natural that you want something similar on the outside. There are no rules here, you can improvise as much as you want until you are satisfied with the result.


Use the right tools

There are some retailers which will help you see how your home would look like if you choose specific colors: just take a photo of your home and use computer programs to change the color of your walls, porch, and shutters. Also, buying a sample paint colors is both an effective and inexpensive way to see how a specific color looks on your walls. Perhaps a certain shades of grey or yellow might not seem appealing at first but transform your home into a fairy-tale one in an instant. Use different computer programs, test colors, and sample paint cards to see which colors go well together and which ones you would like to try.

Details that matter

image 2 (1)You would never have guessed how important it is to have clean windows, polished doorknobs, and freshly painted mailboxes. A nice wreath will draw attention to the color of your door, choose wreaths and doormats in colder hues of green and blue if your doors are brown, or pick a cheerful one they are white. Draw attention to your garden with paths of stylish Geostone decorative concrete and strategically placed solar lamps which will cast soft light to your plants after dark. Also, it is a nice touch to have curtains that match the color of your shutters, this is discrete and yet very effective.


Eye-catching red

There are some who believe red to be too aggressive to be used on the exterior, save for the roof. However, adding a touch of red to otherwise ordinary (and dull) combinations of white, blue, and grey, can make a huge difference and accentuate some of the best features of your home. You can use it to highlight roof peaks, windows, and front door. You can also use it to define porch trim and make doors and windows really pop out, especially if they are white.

image 3If you have doubts it is always wise to ask a professional to help you choose the right colors, or simply ask your friends or family members. Also, details matter more than you might think, and this is why you will be making a statement with your front door, porch decorations, and garden. Don’t neglect the outside of your home because it matters as much as the interior.

6 Factors of Efficient Home Expansion

image 2Everybody wants more space and everybody wants a bigger house. If you do not want to go on the market and sell your home in order to buy a bigger one, your only other option is to expand the house you have. It is easier said than done, but it is not impossible to do. If you listen to what the experts have to say, as well as those that already went through this courageous endeavor, you will be just fine. Here is how you end up living in more space.

Think about Possible Permits

It would be a financial disaster if you started your works, only to realize that it all has to be pulled down because you cannot get all the permits. Different areas demand different permits, so make sure that you check yours. Experienced construction workers can give you some tips and advice about it, but you should check with the authorities.

Kindly Talk to Your Neighbors

You are not the only one who will be affected with the drastic changes of your home. It would be very kind if your neighbors would have a say in it. Of course, they are not about to alter your plans, but if you are blocking their view or a back entrance, it is their business, as well.

Consider Changing Materials

Once you decide to expand your home by making an additional room or closing down a porch, think about doing it with a different material. For example, a house made of red brick will look very charming if the porch is all closed up in wooden walls and painted white. If you have a white fence to match, the combination is perfect.

Think About Connecting to the Yard

At times, you do not really need the roof and all the walls to make the expansion. If your home is L shaped, you have the space in the corner that can be used for a summer living room. All you need to do is to visually and physically separate it from the rest of the yard and decorate it as a real room. For some shade, you can make a nice pergola or even let crawling plants take care of it.

Repurpose the Rooms Inside

image 7Before adding the rooms to your home, think about their purpose. If you need a bigger living room, think about repurposing your bedroom for that or bringing down some walls. Changing the purpose of your rooms can make you come up with some easier, cheaper or more efficient alterations to your space.

Hire Professionals to Do the Job Right

There is much more to expanding your home than just good will. You need proper extension builders working on your case if you want it done properly. Otherwise, you may damage some bearing walls or make a room that you cannot heat or cool properly. All these things are taken into consideration when the professionals do the work. They will even show you some of their own ideas about your space that you may easily like more than your own.

Whatever you do, make sure that you calculate the costs first. Ask yourself if the expansion will add value to your house or not and if you have the money to do it in the first place. At times, it is really less expensive to sell your home and buy a bigger one, investing the money meant for the expansion for a new purchase. There is nothing worse than running out of money during this type of project, so plan carefully.





5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Sustainable In 2016

greenhousesavingsYour home might be costing you more each day due to renovations and maintenance bills. Learning ways to sustain your house physically saves on a lot of money. Incorporating green improvements to your home is one of the means to make it more cost effective.

Green home improvements are assumed to be expensive. They may be for the initial set up, but they are cheaper in comparison to previous utility bills. They are not made from hazardous materials and therefore do not compromise on the health of your family. The following are five improvements to help you make your home efficient and to add value.

1. Energy-efficient Windows

Installing energy efficient windows is a costly venture at the initial stages. If you go on and compare the amount of money saved later, it covers the added cost of the cheap windows. Begin by first identifying the right window for your climatic area. Companies such as energy star offer such services. Secondly, understand thermal transmission what most people refer to as U.factor. It is a comparison between the amount of energy lost in the cold seasons and that gained during summer. Invest in green windows that will register low numbers in both cases. Standard windows lose too much heat during winter. When instead the heat should be maintaining it in the room

2. Roof restoration and roof insulation

Most people’s attics feel like an inferno during summer. It is due to the heat absorption by the ceiling and the proximity to it from the attic room. With proper budgeting, you can choose to change your roofing to materials that are more insulated. A good roof should be able to reflect the sun radiation and ensure the house remains cool. It should also be able to prevent heat energy from escaping during cold seasons. After installation of the insulation material, ask your contractor to use an infra-red camera to seal up any gaps that may allow heat to escape.

3. ENERGY STAR Appliances

Electrical and water bills are some of the utilities that make house maintenance unsustainable. To try and lower power consumption to a necessary minimum, it is advisable to invest in energy efficient appliances. ENERGY STAR is a government initiative aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Appliances that meet a certain amount of specifications qualify for the ENERGY STAR label. It is wise to invest in such to help lower water and electricity costs. Efficient showerheads and showers that only heat up the water flowing are some of the appliances in their extensive array of green products.

4. Installing HVAC system for air purification

HVAC have an upgrade in their mechanical build to save on energy used for air conditioning. The new AC saves money as compared to the ones without energy conservation specifications. They are relatively expensive as compared to the others. For that reason, they should save you money to make up for the added cost. Ensure they are properly installed to avoid mistakes that may compromise energy efficiency. You can confirm your contractor is using the Quality Installation Guideline. Have a different AC for air purification, heating and cooling. That way you are able to switch on the one required.

5. Eliminate allergens with smarter flooring.

The types of Floors in your house are important when it comes to cleaning and price. They may contribute to the unsustainable house maintenance budget if they are too expensive to keep up or cause frequent visits to the ER from allergic reactions. Vinyl floors are environmentally friendly and cheaper compared to carpets. Carpets tend to store dust and other allergens such as fur from pets. Buying floor materials from green stores is a sure way to avoid those with volatile organic compounds. They are known to cause permanent respiratory diseases.

A lot of talk is in the public discussion on ways of conserving and preserving the environment. One established mechanism is by everyone reducing their carbon footprint. Your house is the best way to start. As an advantage, you get to save on money and live in a healthy environment.

Easy and Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Home

When someone mentions ‘home decorating’, most of us imagine a room covered in protective plastic sheeting, and piles of cardboard boxes lying all around the house. But home decorating projects do not have to be stressful, and time and money-consuming. Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination, and a few simple touches to revamp your interior. Here are a few ideas that will instantly freshen up any home.

A Warm Welcome

1What better way to give a warm welcome to your guests than with a nice welcome sign. Nowadays, you can find unique and chic, yet affordable signs in any home décor store or online. But if you really want to make it personal, make one yourself. Simply take a piece of wood and write a welcoming message on it with paint. Even better, apply a coat of chalkboard paint onto any surface, so you can change the messages as the occasion demands. You can write inspiring quotes, or useful information (like your home number), or pleas – something along the lines of ‘Please do not ring the doorbell, our baby is sleeping.’ This way, your sign even becomes functional.

Bring Life Indoors

2Some details are so obviously ambience-changing, yet so easily overlooked. Besides adding beauty and colour to a room, freshly cut flowers also change the character of the space and can even improve your mood. They are the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to revive any interior. If you are lucky enough to have your own garden, you can use the power of flowers almost all year long. Make sure to cut or buy flowers that are still in buds, and strip the leaves off the stems, so more water flows to the heads, and they will last longer. A large vase with a massive bouquet has a much more powerful effect than a few separate stems, so think big. Feel free to mixed flowers and colour for an even greater visual impact.

Have Fun with Yarn

3We all have at least a dozen hand-me-down doilies from our grandmas that lie forgotten in some dark corner. It is time to take them out, because yarn decorations are hot right now. Give them their originally intended place on top of your tea table, or repurpose them to get innovative décor elements. Frame them, stitch them onto a pillowcase, or turn them into dream catchers, doilies will certainly lend a romantic touch to your home. Or play with yarn yourself. It is very versatile and offers practically unlimited possibilities. Make themed yarn decorations for various occasions (e.g. Christmas, the coming of spring, etc.). This requires just some yarn, a crochet hook or a pair of knitting needles, yarn bowls to keep your yarn from tangling, some of your time and patience.

Sweet Succulents

4Although live plants demand somewhat more attention if you intend them to remain alive, this should not discourage you from filling your house with them. Meet the succulents – the latest decorating trend of today, popular primarily for their low-maintenance properties. You may have the fingers as far from green as possible, and chances are you will still manage to grow succulents. Another reason for their popularity is that they come in so many varieties. Some might say that they are all so plain and simple. Nevertheless, all those plainnesses and simplicities blend together so well and create such a strong decorative effect that you will forget about all other plants.

We would like to hear what you thing about these ideas. Do you have any other ideas to share?


A Guide to Converting Your Home to an Led Haven

image 2Led by current trends that promote energy efficiency as one of the most important eco features, more and more people turn to LED lights. However, this shift is still not as massive as one could expect in 2016, mostly because the majority of us still expect dim, hospital-like lighting from LED technology. This is a wrong assumption, since the production process has improved significantly over the last few years. So, here are some updated basics that every homeowner needs to know about LED lighting.


Lumen-watt ratio

As a result of advancements in the lighting industry, today the difference between watts and lumens plays an important role in the quality of lighting. When we used those old-style incandescent bulbs, the only feature we cared about were watts. The main difference was the power of the bulb, while the color of the light was almost the same for all such bulbs. However, LED bulbs bring an additional feature – lumens. While lumens have always been used as a unit of luminous flux, they have entered our everyday lives only as an important distinctive feature of LED bulbs. So, the color and intensity of these bulbs will depend on the number of lumens. The more lumens you get per watt, the more efficient your LED bulb is. Users should simply read the labels on LED bulb packages and try the bulbs in the store to make the most energy efficient choice. Also, find out more about watts and lumens.


image 3All-inclusive approach to LED

Now that we have learnt how efficient and advanced those modern LED solutions are, it is time to start replacing your old incandescent and halogen lights with those new ones. You should not wait for the old bulbs to go off, but remove all of them at once. If you think that it would be too expensive to apply such an all-exclusive approach to your old bulbs, have a look at the following analysis. For instance, a 5W LED piece is expected to last for about 24,000 hours, in comparison with a 50W halogen bulb, which has a lifespan of about 2,000 hours. Also, the former will use about 9kWh per year, while the latter will waste more than 90kWh annually. When you sum up all the electricity wasted by your old-fashioned bulbs, it is clear that you should free your home from them as soon as possible. The first electricity bill after the purge will show you why it was necessary.


To use or not to use them outdoors?

Since these lights are more sophisticated than their halogen and incandescent ancestors, some people have some reasonable doubts when it comes to the outdoor use of LED lights. If we know that LEDs are sensitive to heat, it is logical to ask how they will operate in low temperatures. It turns out that these lights handle the cold weather quite well. In fact, lower temperatures contribute to their efficiency, but only up to some extent. Too extreme conditions can damage some elements of LED bulbs. To avoid such an outcome, new users of these lighting solutions should get more information from the manufacturer on their performance in colder conditions. There are certainly LEDs that can serve well as outdoor canopy lights or porch LED fixtures in winter months, too. However, they might cost a little bit more than average LEDs, but this investment will definitely pay off.


The LED technology is definitely the technology of the future. It is a clean, resource-saving option that should be used as much as possible by modern homeowners. So, join the LED team and make your home an energy efficient, bright property.

Tips and hacks to help successfully sell your property

image 1For anyone who is considering selling their home and investing in a new piece of real-estate it’s important to make smart choices in order not to fail terribly in terms of money and property investment. In today’s climate, it’s really difficult getting the worth you deserve for anything that’s on the market, especially houses and apartments. Given the situation, most families are rather opting for re-modeling than selling but if you are firm on saying “good bye” to your current home and buying a new one, we’ve got some amazing tips that will help you get the ROI (return of investment) you deserve.

Consult a real-estate agent

Before you dive into any offers and negotiations, talk to an experienced real-estate agent for the initial evaluation that will give you an insight into the actual worth of your home. Be prepared not to like what you hear, as it’s possible you’ll be faced with a much lower price than you’d expected. Naturally, that home has a sentimental value for you which practically makes it unsellable at virtually any price, but the first step to take it is face it all and then decide what next to do.

After you’ve got a feedback from the real-estate agent, give yourself a few days to think about your options and decide whether you want to go through the initial idea of selling.

Invest in re-decorating

Unless your home is a villa that’s been maintained by staff, there are surely plenty of things to upgrade in order to increase its selling value. Truth is, you don’t have to invest too much money but rather the amount that will be enough for touch ups. We’d suggest consulting an exterior design architect as he/she will definitely provide valuable input and ideas that will transform the outside of your home to increase its value. This will mostly have to do with replanting your garden, painting the outside walls another color or just treating it to a fresh coat of paint, fixing loose fixtures, etc. They’ll provide you with a plan you’ll then easily implement. If your budget allows it, consider consulting an interior designer as well – again, for helpful suggestions.

Once you’ve done all the upgrades, talk to your property agent again for a follow up evaluation. You’ll be surprised!

Remove clutter

Clutter is our biggest enemy in everyday life; tripping over your son’s bicycle on your way to the kitchen, or running your jacket on your daughter’s crayon collection is definitely not fun on regular days, and just imagine how terrible it is on the day you are showing the home to potential buyers!

To help your home look clean and presentable, remove all the toys from the driveway and front and back yard, and store them in a shed or your children’s toy boxes.

Also, make sure trash cans are emptied and there are no banana peels around to slip on! First impressions always count the most, so make sure yours is amazing!

Don’t rush it

There are plenty of reasons for selling a home and if yours isn’t that urgent – don’t rush into it. Buyers will (probably) be plenty, everyone offering the amount they believe the house is worth. However, you should trust your agent’s evaluation and never go under the estimated price. Unless you are in a hurry to sell, there is no need to underprice your home.

We hope our advice was of help and that you’ll get your money’s worth for your gorgeous home. Good luck!