1One of the most important things in life is being organized, since this simple notion helps you immensely on a daily basis. What better place to start than your own home. Now, even though every one of us likes to brag about being independent and resourceful, there is nothing shameful about looking for help. Here, the works, ideas and principles set by Marie Kondo stand second to none. Here are some of the ways in which they can be applied to the organization of your own home.

Set a priority list

One of the first things that Kondo teaches us is that you should try and consider the feelings of your clothing items. Now, once you manage to blur this line between animate and inanimate, things will become much clearer. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to show absolutely every single clothing item the respect it deserves, but you could always do this for some of your favorite pieces. Furthermore, this will help you set a straight priority list and you would be wise to adhere to it in your organizational endeavors.

Folding is a better solution

Although hanging is probably the most popular option when it comes to organizing clothes, most of your clothing items would be much better off if they were folded. First, they would take substantially less room. Second, if you start organizing your closet drawers in this manner, it will get much easier for you to find your way around. Last but not the least, if you are ever in need to pack your bags quickly, you will save a lot of time on folding and will only have to fill the bags with the clothes you need.

Holistic approach

Some people believe that the best, easiest way for them to clean is to do it gradually, however according to Marie Kondo, this is seldom a good idea. The truth be told, most people are cluttering more quickly than they are cleaning, which means that you will be trapped in an endless cleaning loop with no visible result. However, if you take a bit more holistic approach and make whole-house cleaning schedule, this just might work. Needless to say, if you want something to be done properly, you must do it yourself.

Discarding is the key

3Sure, organizing and reorganizing is important, but if you keep hoarding stuff that you know you don’t need, all your efforts to de-cluster will be for nothing. Once you start cleaning you will be removing some items from various spots then placing them back afterwards. However, the most important part is that you shouldn’t return everything back. Some items need to be discarded, and only by being realistic about this part can you truly make a difference.

A practical home

Additionally, all of this cleaning will make your home look nice, but this might not be exactly what you were going for. There are some items that you need to dedicate enough attention to because of their sentimental value, yet there are some issues that need to be addressed for purely practical reasons. For example, you must always know where you keep what type of kitchen utensils. Every now and then, you will need them desperately and once this moment occurs you won’t have the luxury of spending precious time on a search for them. Keep them close (in hand’s reach), and keep them well organized.

By following all of this not only will you make your home much more beautiful, but turn it into more practical ambience as well. Regardless if you adhere to all of these advices, look for some additional ones or even discard most of them, every bit helps. This being said, organizing your home has never been more efficient and above all, more fun.