kitchen floorThe kitchen is not only the place of cooking and eating. It is the true heart of the home. It is the place to entertain family and friends. For small kitchens every inch is important to make out most of the kitchen.  If you want your small kitchen to sparkle with both style and efficiency you need to take care of following things.

Create open shelving:

Open shelving will give sense of airiness in tight space. Place items with the same shape and size in one group to show order.

Streamlined your kitchen:

Get rid of extra items no longer in use. Simply tossing the things you don’t use will help your kitchen look bigger.

Create a useful island:

Replace the kitchen table with island. This will increase the storage capacity too. Use base cabinets of table height or normal counter height and top them with countertop material. Leave space for chairs.

Use compact appliances:

You will find many compact space-saving appliances in the market. Buy them for your small kitchen.

De clutter the cooking and dining areas:

Use specially-made narrow trays in the drawers near the sink and range. Place all the necessary items such as knives, folks, spoons, and napkins in a caddy in the dining area.

Clean the counters:

Don’t place any big items on the counters. Install an under-the-counter microwave, toaster and sandwich maker. Hang up your pots and pans. This will provide extra storage and also add charm to your small kitchen design.

The galley kitchen:

Use the galley kitchen design, a design that lines up the appliances and cabinets on either side of corridor. This will serve well in very small kitchen.

Choose light colors for kitchen:

White is perfect for every kind of kitchen. Light colors will give a warm cozy look and also brightness.

Create illusion with lightening:

Proper lightening will add a spacious look to your kitchen. Lights under cabinets and counters will give an amazing effect. Hang some pendants over dining area to discriminate it from cooking area. Pendant lightening will glorify the kitchen. But always use pure white lights.

Keep your kitchen simple:

You must keep your kitchen as simple as possible. Simple natural-fiber accents and pale windows will give the feeling of openness.

Choose some art work:

Art work will describe your personality. Select some beautiful art like vintage signs or paintings and add beauty by hanging this custom canvas print on the walls of your kitchen.

Utilize wall space:

Attach metal shelves to the walls and place mugs, recipes, bottles, tea and spices all on one easy to reach place.

Add comfort:

Place a rug at dining area to give comfort underfoot while having your dinners or breakfasts.

Allow the sun shine in:

Use a big grand window for the kitchen so that sun light comes in and illuminate the whole kitchen.

You don’t need to follow all of these tips. Incorporating only one or two will give magical effect. Have fun and make your kitchen a real heart of your home.