Make your carpets and rugs longer-lastingTo maintain your textile floor coverings clean for a longer time, you will need just some quick and simple tricks. Some of them require only a couple of minutes on a daily basis while others take place once a year or maybe twice. Some of these tricks are typical like to pay more attention when cleaning a carpet only onto the dirty spots instead of soaking and dealing with the entire carpet, while other tips and tricks are quite unusual. In all cases – they will help make your carpets and rugs longer lasting.

– Prevent the textile floor coverings from direct sunlight, especially the carpets and rugs with natural fibers, natural colors, the Oriental and the vintage rugs. They are quite more vulnerable to the direct sunlight, which may cause discoloration or even some burning effects if you are in a quite hot location with powerful sunlight in the mid-summer. The use of window blinds is a simple solution of this issue.

– A regular use of the vacuum cleaner. This is not that essential for the cleanliness of the carpet itself, than to make it look like new. The regular vacuuming restores the fluffiness of the fibers and the effect is even better with carpets and rugs with longer fibers. One you get rid of the loose dirt particles such as dust, grit, crumbs and hair, and two – you make the fibers fluffy like new.

– Rotate the rugs to wear all the sides. What better way to reduce the need for deep cleaning, than to expose the new clean sides of the carpet with just quick turn of the carpet! This is also the best way to get rid of the issues that may occur with the areas of the carpets that see the heaviest foot traffic, such as in front of the doors or near the dining table.

Make your carpets and rugs longer-lasting2– Flipping a carpet or a rug is another great and a quick method to ensure an evenly exposure of the textile floor coverings. Just make sure to clean the carpet thoroughly before flipping it on its backside. This is also the best way to eliminate the risk of damaging the fibers due to indentations from heavy furniture and objects.

– Use only eco-friendly solutions and detergents for carpets with natural fibers. These detergents might be a bit more expensive, but they are not dangerous to the naturally colored fibers. Moreover, you don`t have to worry about spreading unhealthy chemical compounds in the air. You kids and pets can play onto the carpets right after carpet cleaning, and the bases of the wooden furnishings are not affected by the spills of the eco-friendly detergent.

– Treat the carpets with a protective solution spray once or twice a year, according to how much you use carpet. The invisible layer of protection is essential to keep the fibers clean for a longer time, as well as prevents the fibers from further staining.

– Spot cleaning is the best way to keep the carpets clean by eliminating the dirty spot as soon as it appears. Just make yourself a couple of homemade detergents and store them in the kitchen or somewhere in an easy to remember place. To clean a small spot from butter sauce is much easier right after it appears, than after it dries up into the fibers of the carpet.

– Professional cleaning once a year is quite important too, for example during the big house cleaning in the springtime.

– Keep the policy of no shoes on rugs and carpets.