image 1Interior design is one of the best ways to express a person’s creativity and talent in space decoration. Luckily, every year brings along a range of diversity in colours, patterns and fabrics, and 2016 falls doesn’t fall behind.  From delicate shades, through bold tones and innovative patterns, this year will aim at being one of the revolutionary years in interior designing.

Textures and Patterns

Black and white patterns on floor tiles will never get old. They remain to be the key trend for a couple of previous seasons, and are still a huge hit. The use of geometric patterns, painted wood tiles and ceramics in combination with encaustic in both simple black and white colours and radiant spectrum of various shades is a huge trend this year.

Additionally, 2016 will be all about floral patterns. Wallpapers, fabrics, accessories, florals will be taking the centre stage. Three-dimensional patterns are also a style that emerged in 2016. Geometric 3D tiles in neutral colours will make a great addition to an overall kitchen design. Cushions, rugs or an accent chair are perfect items for experimenting with patterns, which 2016 is also going to be remembered by. A contrasting mix of stripes, florals, geometrics, and paisleys will make a breakthrough in 2016.

Finally, fresh nauticals will also be present in 2016. A combination of navy blue and white will look perfect in urban, coastal or country home. Stripes of different scales and density will give the nautical pattern a special and interesting look.


image 5The colours that will mark 2016 in the field of interior design are dusty pink and light blue. When matched with neutral or metallic tones they create the ultimate eclectic style. Marble, timber and copper in combination with dusty rose and light blue make a key trend in the 2016 interior design. They will give your space the perfect polished and elegant look.

We’ve already seen marble and copper in the previous year, and we can notice a rising popularity of monogrammed accessories, oak furniture, and brass accents. Additionally, for all the lovers of delicate elegant tones, pastels are still dominant for the colours of walls, furniture or accessories. Blue tends to take over the leading position in the colour trends, by being one of the bestselling this year. Denim, indigo and navy shades are a key trend, and combined with silver and white, make a huge trend of 2016.

The timeless white continues to be dominant in the interior design. While at one point, living rooms tended to have white tones, now the entire home is ruled by this colour. Kitchen is the new place where everything from walls, floors, cabinets and table setting is in white.  The perfect balance can be created with black accents and lighting fixtures.


image 3Authentic and timeless items like geometric shapes or artisan glass and various fabrics will provide your home with immense luxury, if you incorporate them into your home. Reflective and polished surfaces will be predominant, and in the combination with golds and brass, a space will have the warm and cosy feeling. A few accent pieces as brush gold hardware or gold trays will create an affluent look you’ll be proud to show off.

Mixture of materials is a real hit this year. Wood and marble have been combined in the previous years, and they are likely to stay in the leading position, while decorative concrete in combination with gold will be a revolutionary idea in interior design. Comfort will not be neglected this year either, designers have introduced faux fur as another trend, perfect for carpet, comfy chairs and bed covers.

A perfect material that will both look great and last long – Lucite – made its comeback in 2016. Tables made of Lucite will fit perfectly into a living room. A shelf, an end table, or a kitchen counter – Lucite gives you a range of various items you can incorporate into your home. Additionally, Lucite it is a low-maintenance material, alongside porcelain and engineered quartz that are joining the trends of 2016.

Playful, easy-going and artistic colours as Gold and Pink, Orchid and Blue will create the sophisticated, warmer and well-balanced ambiance in your home. The combination of diverse textures, noble and warm natural materials and delicate, sophisticated colours will make the 2016 a ground-breaking year.