If your child is an animal lover, designing this kind of room is definitely a dream come true for him/her. Your child will be ecstatic as there are so many options to choose from and you will certainly find the perfect room for him/her. From wall decorations and rugs to lighting down to decorative accents, select the favorite elements for this fantastic type of kid’s room.

Floor decor

Starting from toddlerhood, your child will spend more and more days on the floor playing. Since he/she will play on the floor daily, you need to make sure the child is comfortable and warm. On the other hand, a rug is the perfect room element for animal-themed rooms. A Sherwood Forest kid’s rug is an ideal rug with the unbeatable combination of cold colors. The rug features a neutral palette of blue, green, gray and brown colors on a cream background and it is the perfect match for walls or wall decals in warmer colors. On the other hand, choose a rug with warm colors such as orange, red and yellow and tone down the room with cold colored walls. Pay attention to the material of the rug. The organic wool or cotton will be the best for your kid.

What’s on your walls?

Wall decals are a simple but effective way to introduce the animal theme into the room. Pay attention to the combination of the warm and cold colors. For example, you can choose a neutral wall background such as gray on which you can apply this wall decal with cute animals in cheerful and bright colors. You can also opt for a wallpaper pattern you can apply on one entire wall. Choose a fun wallpaper with bright colors and leave other walls in white or beige. The animal inspired wall clock made of wood is the perfect wall decoration as it is both functional and eco-friendly. You can even choose canvas wall art if you want to have neutral walls. Mini photo galleries of your child and your pet(s) can be a great way to personalize the room. You can also add monkey images to your book shelves, making them seem like they are climbing, and invent stories about each of them for your child to enjoy before bedtime.

Let there be light

Having as much natural lighting as you can in the kid’s room is the crucial point while designing the room, which brings me to curtains. Using animal-themed curtains is a fantastic idea of incorporating the theme into the room. However, maybe the best option is to keep all the rest in the room simple, with only three colors: brown, white and green. If you keep the animal-inspired curtain fairly simple, add interesting details such as bunny or bird finials. Ceiling fixtures and reading lamps can brighten up the neutral-colored room as well.

Lay your head down

Pillows are an excellent way for introducing the animal theme. Choose warm colors of pillows in an otherwise cold colored room or choose pillows in neutral color in a bright and colorful room. Choose bed or crib sheets with the animal theme to complete the design of the room. Another fun way to decorate your kid’s room is opting for baby blankets and diaper bags which have animal print on them. If your kid adores owls, apart from cute owl-shaped pillows, find a coat rack with an owl on top or an owl coat hook which can even be your DIY project. If your child has too many little figurines, incorporate them as a part of decorations which have specific functions in the room. Make candle holders, photo stands or handles on drawers using them. Did you know that a stuffed animal can become a curtain holder? If you are into crochet, what better way is there than making an amigurumi monkey curtain holder?

Be creative. Let your imagination go wild. I hope you will be inspired by our recommendations and that they can help you design a unique room for your child.