How to Turn Your Backyard into a Relaxing ParadiseLiving Space

Making your back yard a relaxing paradise to enjoy year round can be less expensive then you imagine. One of the first basic steps to making your back yard into a relaxing paradise starts with making it a livable space. Ideally starting with a covered deck or patio is best, but grass and dirt also have workable solutions. Start with comfortable seating and make it a bit cozier with a couple of smaller tables, these provided a place to set your morning coffee, a favorite book or perhaps a few romantic candles. Personalizing the space will relax you.


Surround yourself with flowers and plants. If you’re limited on ground space, perhaps a container planting will work best for you. Whether a garden is in ground or above, there are so many additional features to consider. Bird baths, bird houses, wind chimes and windmills, small and large fish ponds or any water feature is always an added bonus. A large water fountain can be a focus point or a simple smaller waterfall can be effective also. Being outside and hearing the sound of water can relax your mind and ease stress. You can easily find all of these and many more ideas at the local Garden Center.


Nothing sets a mood better than lighting. Installing a few colored flood lights give a wonderful glow to any environment. Solar lights are inexpensive and virtually no maintenance at all. Placed down low will define a walkway, high light specific areas, as well as outline any boarders or edges. Another option is a simple string of tiny LED lights intertwined and strung among the flowers or herbs can look magical.

Fire Place

With cooler seasons, a unique and cozy way of keeping warm is easy with a fire area. There are above ground self-contained ones, or you can opt for basic in ground type. Watching a fire is mesmerizing. The warmth of the flames relaxes your mind and melts the day away. Depending on what type you choose they also provide an alternative way of cooking.

Hot Tub

Of course the ultimate item for any back yard paradise is a hot tub. Nothing is more relaxing, than being massaged by warm wet water in a tub such as those with Relaxing in one can melt even the worst day away. Just imagine, soaking in your own private tub, under the stars, while you relax and enjoy your own secluded back yard paradise.