Selling a home is a stressful experience, particularly if you are selling it by yourself. Styling your home is important before you put it on the market for sale, since it will help in attracting buyers and may also increase the overall price of the property as well.
Many real estate experts have revealed that if you want to get your property off the market fast, the best way is to style your house before selling. Staging your home properly before you sell it will ensure that you are able to attract a large pool of buyers.
We asked some experts to provide us with styling tips that will enhance the appeal of the home, while also increasing its overall value as well. So here are some suggestions by the experts on how to style your house before selling it:

#1 Paint it all

A fresh coat of paint throughout the house can do wonders for the appeal, the look, and the value of the home. It also allows you to redecorate your house, thereby getting rid of little marks and scruffs that were bringing down the overall look of the house. Make sure that you select a colour that matches with the overall design of your home. To save money, you can try painting it all by yourself.

#2 Enhance the lighting

Replacing outdated lighting fixtures will help in terms of styling your home. If you have got lighting fixtures that are more than 10 or 15 years old, you should probably consider changing them. Also keep in mind the type of buyers that you’re trying to attract when you choose lighting fixtures, and try not to break the bank on them.

#3 Focus on de-cluttering

Make sure that you don’t have any old or unwanted stuff lying around your home, since it is highly unappealing to new buyers. You should focus on de-cluttering your home, and getting rid of all unwanted items and furniture. It will also help create extra space in your home, and will make it look more spacious, roomy, and stylish as well. You can host a garage sale before deciding to sell your home, so that you can de-clutter your home properly.

#4 Renovate the bathrooms

All real estate experts agree that the styling of the bathrooms plays a big role in determining the appeal of the home. New home buyers will often look at the bathrooms in the home to decide whether they want to purchase the house or not. That is why when you’re styling your home, you should renovate the bathrooms, since it will enhance the appeal of the home.

#5 Remove the curtains

When you’re styling your home before selling it you should take down the curtains, so that the new home buyers can get a good look at the window fixtures around the house. Doing so also ensures that more light enters the house, and it makes it look more spacious, which can play a part in increasing the overall price of the home.