Your bedroom is your retreat from the world. You want it to please the eye while also being easy to clean. Today’s modern items make this process easier than ever.

Create a Plan

The first thing to do is create a plan. A plan should be about taking steps each day to keep the room clean. The beds should be made and all items cleaned at least once a week.

Keep Cleaning Supplies on Hand

All cleaning supplies should also be kept on hand. Cleaning supplies such wood polishing, room deodorizer and any necessary carpet cleaner should be kept in a storage closet near the bedroom.

Start With Great Color

Color is an important element in any room. Color should be carefully considered in your bedroom. White is simple and makes the room look larger. However, it can easily get dirty. Consider darker shades such as blue and green that can help hide dirt and dust.

Keep Curtains to a Minimum

Curtains help block out light and make it easier to get a good night’s sleep. However, curtains can also get dusty and need to be cleaned on a frequent basis. Consider other window treatments as well such as blinds that are also easy to clean with a simple, periodic dusting.

Low Maintenance Flooring Choices

Another easy way to keep your bedroom clean and uncluttered is to opt for low maintenance flooring choices. Wood floors are soft under foot, help keep out noise and look great with many styles. Another option is carpeting. Carpeting is also easy to keep clean and can help create clean lines from every vantage point.

Easy Care Bedding

Bedding also plays a role in keeping a room uncluttered. Look for bedding with sleek lines without ruffles and other details. Use bedding that can be put in the wash to be cleaned.

Modern Beds

Modern lines also help keep a room looking uncluttered. The bed is the center of the space. A modern bed with simple, low to the floor lines and easy care materials like metal looks great and helps keep clutter to a minimum at the same time.

Heating and Cooling

Any bedroom needs to be heated and cooled. Heating and cooling systems should include things like central air and central heating in order to help optimize the use of the space in the room and make it as modern and clean as possible at the same time.

Simple Storage

It’s also best to keep storage to a minimum in the room. Storage options like built-in shelving can help with an uncluttered look. Add additional storage along the walls behind a cabinet if you don’t have enough space.

Pictures on the Walls

When thinking about pictures, keep them larger. Larger pictures are easy to clean and help provide a focal point at the same time. A series of large pictures can also help add character to an otherwise plain room.

Keep Windows Spare

For a clean look, keep to minimal window use. Consider having windows that do double duty as both windows and doors to the outside. Keep other details such as handles to a minimum for a truly sleek look in the entire space.

Use Mirrors to Help Expand the Space

Mirrors can help with a clean look in this space. Mirrors expand the entire space, making it appear larger. A few mirrors can make the room feel cleaner and less cluttered. Look for mirrors that have few details so they are easy to clean.

Consider Bunk Beds

All bedrooms need to have a place to sleep. It is important to allow enough sleeping spaces for each person sleeping in the room. Bunk beds are efficient. They can also be stowed away in a corner when not in use making the room feel even less cluttered.

Keep Additional Furniture to a Minimum

Furniture should be kept to a minimum for a clean and modern look. This is particularly true in the bedrooms. Use only additional furnishings that have a specific purpose such as storage space.