1 (2)Home is where your heart is, but who says that your heart will remain at that one place for the rest of your life? One day, you may decide to sell the house you are currently living in, for some reason, and when that day comes, it would be wise to be prepared and get the highest possible price. Not only the housing prices are rising, but also the buyers’ demands and meeting them can become even more difficult. So, if you have planned for some renovations, you should know which projects can be more profitable when the time for moving your heart comes.

Upgrade the Kitchen

This is one rule that never gets old: kitchen is what sells the house in most of the cases, especially when a family is buying it. Some rather easy changes that can truly improve the aesthetic of the space are stainless steel appliances and new countertops made from granite or engineered stone. Since an open concept is very popular with today’s buyers, consider knocking down one wall to connect the kitchen with a living room.

Bathroom Facelift

2 (2)Every house flipping expert knows that one of the biggest buyers-repellents is an old, cracked and dirty-looking bathroom. First you should deal with the toilet, especially if it does not flush properly. Replacing it would be the simplest solution. Later, you can install a new, eye-catching and functional vanity that will not only save the space in your bathroom, but also offer a lot of storage space. If you are operating in a tight budget, you do not have to replace the bathtub all together. In most of the cases a simple reglazing is enough.

Take Care of Insulation

This is the best long-term investment and it can be decisive for house buyers. No matter if they are buying a house for themselves or they are planning to renovate and resell it, a proper insulation saves a lot of time and money. It may not be as visible as kitchen and bathroom revamp, but it is one of the first questions that are asked to homeowners, when putting the house on the market. If your house is already insulated, consider adding attic insulation and caulk around the doors and windows.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Insulation may not be enough to meet the growing demand for energy-efficient homes. Continue this project by adding ceiling fan in each room or storm doors. If you want to take it a step further than install double or even triple-glazed windows. Other upgrades can be solar water heaters, low-flow toilet and shower head, insulate the HVAC ducts and switch incandescent light bulbs for LED options.

Do a Front Yard Makeover

3 (1)An appealing house should look that way from before you get inside. Some simple and inexpensive changes as adding colorful plants to your planters and making a nice paver pathway could make a huge difference. A lush and nourished lawn is something that cannot be accomplished overnight, so try to regularly devote it enough attention and time. It can make your house stand out and be instantly captivating.

Even if you eventually decide you do not want to sell your home, these renovations will make your staying there more pleasant. In the end, you have nothing to lose.