How to Go About Bathroom Cleaning SystematicallyCleaning the bathroom isn’t a job anyone looks forward to but here are a few quick and easy ways of keeping it clean and tidy. We’re probably all guilty of dashing in and out of the shower in a rush every morning, so these tips really are quick and will save you a lot of cleaning time and effort.


Quickly wipe down the bathtub/shower and any tiles after each use. This will prevent any build up over time and save you the problem and having to scrub at the tiles when they get visibly dirty. Keeping a spray and cloth in the bathroom will help remind you to do this each time.

Air out

Also, after each use make sure that you leave the bathroom door open and turn on any fans or open any windows. This will allow the room to air out, getting rid of the moisture in the air, and help prevent or fight against any moulds growing in the damp conditions. To help prevent this on shower curtains, straighten them back after use to let them air dry better and more freely.


How to Go About Bathroom Cleaning Systematically2In addition to the spray and cloth you store in the bathroom it may be useful to store disposable wipes. If you use a wipe to spot clean the counter, mirrors etc. each night, this will quickly become a pattern ensuring that the bathroom is clean for when you wake up. This will encourage you to keep it clean throughout the day.


The first thing you should do to make your bathroom look tidier is to de-clutter. Get rid of any products you no longer use or dislike. Having them there will serve no purpose but making the room look untidy and less manageable. After cutting down to only the products you actually use, you should make a set place for each product. This will allow you keep track of everything and having a set place for them to keep will encourage you to put them back there after using them.


In addition to only keeping the products you use often in the bathroom you should invest in other storage rather than leaving everything on countertops. Racks are a nice way of organising things properly and cupboards can store them out of view for a more minimalist look. Realistically, the only products that should be on a countertop are the products you use every single day such as toothbrush and paste and face care. This cuts down on clutter and again will help give everything a set place to be returned to after use.


Dropping a sprinkle of baking soda into the toilet overnight will not only keep it cleaner but get rid of any lingering smells, something no one wants to wake up to. Leave the baking soda in overnight to work and simply flush in the morning. This is usually a no fuss method; however, if you see a ring of build up you should give it a quick scrub before flushing to ensure that nothing sticks to the inside of the toilet. This will only take a few seconds and save you the problem of having to really scrub the toilet clean at a later date.