How To Get Your AC Ready For This Coming SummerIn the midst of winter, it can be hard to imagine the hot days of summer that will be coming by and by. But come they will, and when they do, you will find yourself once again dependent upon your air conditioning. But will your AC be ready when it’s needed? A well running and reliable AC system is not something that happens by accident. Here are some tips to make sure your air conditioner can beat the heat this summer:

Inspect Early

The time to pay attention to the condition of your AC system is not on the first hot day. Early spring is the time to begin investigating the status of your AC system. Don’t count on being able to get service for your system once the heat waves start. That is when repair and maintenance services are the most busy and hardest to schedule. The result may be sweltering days spent waiting for the system to be fixed.


Once its apparent that spring has sprung, take the time to physically examine the exterior of your AC system. You will probably find that dirt, leaves and other debris has gathered on and around your system. Brush these away with a broom and cut away any branches or other growth that may have encroached over the winter.

Replace the Filter

There is no more common cause of poor performance by an AC system than a dirty filter. It is so simple to change, yet people have a tendency to forget. Always change it before starting a new summer season, then be sure to change it at least once per month.

Get it Checked

While basics such as keeping the system clean and changing the filters can be done by any homeowner, the inner workings of your AC system is not something you should do maintenance or repair work on yourself. That requires professionals who can correctly and safely identify and resolve any problems your AC system many have developed over the winter. Contacting a firm such as Barker Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. that specializes in AC issues will ensure that potential problems are resolved before inconveniences occur.


Perhaps the best advantage to getting your AC ready for this coming summer is not the inconvenience and discomfort it will avoid, but the money you will save. A properly maintained AC unit will save at least 20% over improperly maintained systems. So have your AC system checked today.