image 2Living a healthy lifestyle has to start from your kitchen. Without having an eco-friendly place to make your food green, and to enjoy your meals, it will be hard to imagine the rest. Fortunately, there is no right or wrong choice when trying to make your kitchen greener, the only choice you have to make is which things can stay, and which need to be upgraded.

Buy durable cookware

Preparing food in your new lovely kitchen should be about enjoying yourself and making it with love. Though, unless you have cookware which will last a long number of years, it will be hard. You should not be spending most of your time pondering why your skillets and pots are in a bad shape, rather, get yourself a few eco-friendly ones so that you can cook like a chef.

Try to save energy

Changing the appliances in your kitchen will be a bit of investment, but, in the long run, it will be worth it. However, before you go and buy new appliances, make sure to check if they are energy efficient so that you can really save some money, and that you can help protect the environment. On the other hand, it is advisable to change your kitchen gadgets every now and then, so that you can follow energy demands, and that you do not waste a lot of energy.

What source of energy to use?

Even though electricity is widely available and cheap, it is not always the best solution to have in your kitchen. You will have to make some changes if you want not only to lower the costs, but be greener. Using gas could be your answer, but before you sign up, it is best to view the pros and cons for gas and electric stoves, so that you can decide what is better for your situation. Keep in mind that even though both types of stoves are around the same price range, you will have to think in terms of longevity.

Be careful what you eat

You need to take a good look at your fridge and make changes if you find that you are eating too much meat. After all, you need to have a good balanced meal every day to stay healthy. And, on the other hand, to stay green, you will have to invest in sustainable ingredients. But, if you manage to grow your own vegetable garden, you will be able to harvest your own greens as well.

Avoid drinking tap water

image 4Clean water might be coming out of your pipes, but it does not necessarily have to mean that it is healthy and good for drinking. Make sure to look into what best water filters would be good for you, as you should install one. Not only will you be able to drink pristine clear water, but you will help your body stay strong and healthy. Just make sure to avoid brining any fizzy drinks or sodas home, so that everyone will want a nice tall clear glass of water.


Greening up your kitchen will take some time and effort, but the end results will be all worth it as you will have a nice and warm kitchen where it will be joyous to prepare food. Keep in mind that your kitchen is the soul of your home, and spicing it up and making it eco-friendly is only one step towards becoming really green and being environmentally conscious. A bit of investment can go a long way in helping to green up your kitchen.