The majority of people tend to organise their living spaces in a way that would be fine with most of the visitors, but having an authentic and unique style for your home arrangements is a characteristic of only a few. One of these arrangements includes bathroom, a place where it is important to feel comfortable and relaxed as much as in any other part of your home.

If you are not satisfied with the current appearance of your bathroom, it is probably high time to start thinking about something different. Very often, even the smallest change of details can contribute significantly to the general appeal. You can start with a smart bathroom update, which can include making small tweaks, such as changing the tiles, or even changing the entire bathroom plan.

Our recommendation for today is achieving Victorian appeal in your bathroom. Here is how.


The first thing you can start from is a truly Victorian bathtub. Luckily for you, pedestal clawfoot tubs are back on the market, so you will not find it difficult getting the one that fits your bathroom’s measurements best. Just make sure to position it at the centre of your bathroom, and you will achieve a truly Victorian elegance and make it timeless.

Vanity sink

SinkAs suggested by Parade Of Homes, pedestal sink is “a uniquely Victorian detail”, which makes your bathroom more attractive, no matter if you chose round or square sink. Adding a bronze or marble sink on a vanity chest of drawers is a vintage detail your Victorian bathroom must not lack.


Opt for ceramic tiles rather than simply painting the walls. The right tiles for Victorian style are full of ornaments consisting of geometrical shapes, birds, butterflies, flowers, trailing ivy, etc. They are high in contrast, very often rich in contours, and also swarming in details. Their background is usually white, so you can be sure they can fit almost any space, which they will contribute to with their airy and light feel.


When it comes to colours, the best choice you can make are usually white, or subtle shades of yellow, blue and pink. Avoid bold colours, such as red and dark (any kind of dark colours, for that matter), and you will achieve a soothing, romantic atmosphere in your bathroom. If you can, add big windows and let the daylight enter your Victorian bathroom to give it a special glow.


TapVintage pieces are also back on the market, and now they come in all shapes and sizes. If you do not want to spend hours walking around shops, you can start by researching tapware pieces online. There are many fine pieces that can fit into your new decor, such as Nicolazzi Three Piece Basin Set. What is best about them is that they can be installed easily, so that you do not have to call for a professional to help you.

Someone who likes spaciousness and  luxury on one side and beauty and ease of use on the other, is half way from going for a Victorian style bathroom. This is definitely a smart bathroom update to be made, and we hope these tips will help you in making the best one.