Home security systems can give you peace of mind and greater safety from break-ins, but there are other benefits as well. There are many lesser known features available in a security package that can help around the house.

Keeping The Kids Safe

In the modern world, older children often get home from school before their parents get home from work. While your child may not always remember to call you, a Eugene home security system can monitor when your child comes home from school and send you a text to let you know he or she arrived safely. This is a great feature to give worried parents peace of mind. These alerts let you know right away if your child isn’t where you expect him or her to be, giving you the advantage of time in the event that something has happened. It can also helps uncertain kids feel safer being home by themselves.

Saving on Your Electric Bill

How Home Security Helps You Around The House

Some security plans include automating your home’s lights, appliances, and thermostat. You can control your home’s electronics anywhere with an internet connection via your username and password, giving you the option to reduce the heat or air conditioning while you’re away and return it to a more comfortable temperature before you get home. These little adjustments can make a significant different in your energy bill, especially if you go on vacation. Control over the lights and appliances allow you to make your home look active and lived in whether you’re at home or not.

Deterring Break-Ins Before They Happen

Generally thieves will strike what looks like the easiest target. Having a sticker or yard sign that indicates your home has a security system may be enough by itself to get people looking for an easy mark to pass you by. Prevention creates far less stress and hassle for you and your family than thwarting an actual robbery attempt

Saving On Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Home security systems make your home less of a target, which makes you less of a risk for insurance companies. Getting a system from companies like Vivint in Irvine CA can reduce your monthly insurance bill by as much as 20% depending on the system and the policies of your insurance company.


There are a number of added benefits to a good security system. Try pricing out your potential savings in both insurance and energy costs to see what it’s worth to your family.