House Feeling Cramped Five Tips for Making More SpaceOne of the laws of nature is that the amount of stuff you have expands to fill the available space. Whether it’s clothes, books, furniture or houseplants, you may find yourself wondering how it multiplied, seemingly overnight, and now has you crowded into one corner of your living room. Follow these easy tips to avoid the pitfall of “too much stuff” and create more space in your home.

Sort Possessions

Take a hard look at what you use and what you don’t then act accordingly. If you haven’t worn it in two years and it’s not your wedding dress, out it goes. The same rule applies to college textbooks, novels you didn’t care for, broken tools and sets of dishes you’ll never use. Recycle broken items, donate usable items to libraries, charities and other service organizations, and watch your space expand.

Get a Storage Unit

If getting rid of your possessions is too painful, get a storage unit in your neighborhood. Many storage companies can be found online like, which lists monthly fees and types of spaces available. Move your clutter into one of these units until you can make decisions about its fate. For valuable items, be sure to choose one that has climate control!

Use Wall Space

That clunky entertainment center that juts out into the living room can be turned into extra floor space if you hang the television on the wall and install shelving for components. For knick-knacks that occupy tabletops, “floating” shelves can be easily installed. Get rid of plant stands by hanging plants from wall brackets.

Get Versatile Furniture

Platform beds with drawers in their bases are a great way to hide a dresser’s worth of clothes and clutter. Ottomans and coffee tables with flip tops and inside storage accomplish the same task in the living room. Repurpose a small chest of drawers as a side table or night table and gain extra storage in a snap.

Reorganize Your Closets

Once you’ve edited what’s in your closets, maximize the space by organizing the closet with organizer shelves and hangar systems. You can double the usable space in most closets with these ingenious and affordable devices. Add extra shelving wherever you can, and you’ll find that those extra blankets, off-season clothes and special occasion items become practically invisible.

A Journey Begins With the First Step

Remember that you don’t have to do all of these things at once. Try one at a time, and you’ll find your home growing bigger instead of smaller!