gas stoveThere’s something really fulfilling about completing a home improvement project on your own property. It’s nice to get your hands dirty, learn something new and know that you are working toward transforming your home into a nicer place. While there are lots of DIY tasks around the home that make sense to try on your own, there are also some home improvements jobs that are best left to the professionals.

Serious Plumbing Projects

The most intrepid DIY-ers can tackle a number of simple home plumbing projects like replacing showerheads or fixing clogged drains. When it comes to the serious plumbing issues, however, you are better off leaving it to those with years of experience. If you need to modify or fix hot water pipes, which are traditionally made from copper, you will need some incredibly expensive tools like blowtorches and welding supplies. Rather than spending a fortune renting or buying equipment and potentially causing even more damage, let the professionals handle your bigger plumbing problems.

Roof Repairs

Replacing a single shingle isn’t a particularly tough job, especially for someone with some DIY experience around the house. However, carrying up heavy tools onto a roof, especially a sloped roof, can put you at risk of falling. Personal safety aside, any mistakes you make on the roof could result in water damage that affects your entire home. When it comes to roofing repairs, let the professionals handle it.

Electrical Repairs

As long as you make sure that the power is turned off, simple electrical issues like installing a ceiling fan or a new lighting fixture are manageable on your own. For anything beyond that, there is a real risk for damage both to yourself and your home. Many electrical changes in the home also require permits, and it makes sense to leave this to professionals who know all the safety regulations for your area.

Repairing Gas Appliances

Fixing a gas oven or a hot water heater might sound easy, but dealing with gas is never that simple. Even if you are incredibly careful, you might still hook the appliance up incorrectly and cause a gas leak. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious threat, and it is not worth the risk. Let trained experts handle gas appliances to protect yourself and your family.

Removing Asbestos

Asbestos has been used as an insulator in homes and businesses for decades, but we now know that it has some dangerous side effects, including lung cancer if the fibers are inhaled. Although removing asbestos from your home on your own is possible, it may not be worth the risk to your health. In addition, the wind might carry some of the asbestos fibers throughout your neighborhood, potentially affecting your neighbors. Letting professionals handle asbestos removal with their specially designated equipment is often the best choice.

Tackling home improvements projects around the house can be a smart way to save money. In some cases, however, letting the professionals handle projects can save you a lot of time, worry and even expense.

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