work tools We all know the importance of lever while moving something big and heavy with a less effort. When there is any heavy object that you have to move it is always tough. Why? Heavy objects mean that the effect of gravity on the object is higher. Moving an object against the gravity is a tough task to do. It implies the force of the human being or any machinery power generator on the 90 degree perpendicular upside. Physics says this is the toughest part. The job of the lever is to change the direction of the force to be implied. This makes the job easier. When the object is a door or any other likewise product, the lever is the hinges.

When we are talking about a door it is very obvious that door has to be strong.  It is the safeguard of your house.  Doors are basically made of wood or heavy metal like iron. Whether the product is wood or iron it is very heavy and tough to move. The wise placement of hinges on the doors may ease the job of moving it. Hinges are a flexible movement mechanism. Basically two plates are joined by a screw mechanism to make a hinge. Hinges are used as the tool to hang the door or window from the frame. One of the plates is fixed on the frame and another one is fixed on the width portion of the door.

There are multiple types of hinges are available by the jefco mfg hinges in the market. Some of the very popular choices are

  • Adjustable Spring Hinges: Adjustable spring hinges are widely used in all over the world. It is a very common hinge for pool gates. Adjustable spring hinges are made of stainless steel along with a spring effect. Super springs are provided in the hinges so that the open doors are closed automatically. No extra effort is needed to close the door. The hinges are designed in such a manner that while the door is getting closed automatically the movement remains so smooth so that there is no collision between the door and the frame when it closes the entire way. As the doors are heavy in weight, the inertia of the swinging door is high during the closing and a heavy collision could cause damage or brakeage of the door.
  • Continuous Hinges: continuous hinges are generally 6 to 8 feet long. They are made of many materials. The most important thing about the continuous hinge is that they can be made to be any size. It can be used as a very useful tool for a customized purpose.  In most of the cases, the doors are customized with various designs. In those cases, a regular hinge cannot be the best of option to serve the purpose. So the customized hinges are useful with these kinds of cases. Generally the continuous hinges are used in electrical enclosures, tool boxes, truck bodies, agriculture equipments, windows, cabinet doors, horse trailer, and more.