Four Things To Check Before Turning On Your ACWhen the summer months come along, there is a good chance that it will get quite hot outside. When the temperature begins to rise, many people will be turning on the AC in order to cool down. Before you turn on your AC, there are four things that you should check.

Check The Filters

All homes have filters in their heating and AC units that are used to catch dust and dirt that floats within the air. Air will flow through the filter, into the duct work, and out the registers throughout your home, while the dust and dirt is trapped within the filter. As the filter fills with dust and dirt, the air is not able to move through it, making it difficult to cool your home. According to Ductz, a company that specializes in New Orleans Duct Cleaning, it is important to ensure that your filters are changed on a regular basis, typically 30 to 60 days depending on the type of filter you use.

Ensure Vents Are Clear

In order for the air to flow freely into and out of the AC unit, all of the vents need to be clean and free of any debris. An AC unit works by pulling warm air from the outside and cool it before pushing it into your home. The unit can not bring in warm air or push out cool air if the vents are not clean.

Clean Duct Work

The dust within your home can be pulled into the duct work and can eventually work its way into the filter. In order for your filters to last longer and for the cool air to flow freely throughout your home, you need to ensure that the ducts are clean. You can clean the ducts on your own or look into hiring a professional.

Check Drainage Pipe

The drain pipe on an AC unit is used to allow extra moisture and condensation from the unit to drain. Over time, grime and sludge can begin to build up within the pipe. This sludge and grime can begin to clog the pipe causing issues with the unit. This is why it is so important to clean out the drain pipe to ensure that it does not become clogged and the moisture can flow freely.


Before you start up your AC, it is important to check these things to ensure that it will work properly throughout the summer months.