Fall Man CaveFor the next several months, thousands will tune into the football games occurring every weekend. Instead of wandering out to the corner pub or trekking to a neighbor’s house, why not create a unique and personalized basement for optimal sport-viewing? Turn you basement into the perfect man cave this fall with these robust decorating tips.

Upgrade your flooring. Football season starts in September and can last through the entirety of February, so you’re going to want your flooring to maintain the room’s cozy feel. If you opt for hardwood flooring, add a throw rug into the mix to give feet somewhere warm to land. If you want to stick with carpet, choose a neutral color that will jive with your favorite team’s colors.

Make repairs. If your basement has been lacking, now’s the time to make repairs. Fix patches in the drywall or ceiling. Replace burnt out light bulbs. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls, ceiling, or both. If you’re in over your head with repairs, reach out to an interior painting professional. They’ll handle all the work, freeing you up to watch more football.

Update your para-FAN-alia. If you have old jerseys of outdated players, pack them away in the closet or donate them to charity. Replace them with your new favorite player (or even your new favorite team). If you have shelves lined with bobble-heads and other collectibles, give them a swift dusting with a can of condensed air.

Opt for used furniture. If you are looking for man cave furniture, or your current couch or chairs are not as comfortable as they once were, take the “newer” used furniture route. Remember, this is going to be a man cave where spills of all kinds might occur. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on something that stands the chance of getting ruined when you can find a perfectly good used couch at a local thrift store.

Obtain awesome electronics. The most important of any man cave are the electronics. First and foremost, have an awesome television set up. If you feel so inclined, throw in some surround sound to make it feel like you’re actually at the game. For added man cave points, incorporate a mini fridge into your décor to store snacks and beverages.

Add some accessories. Don’t leave the women in your life out of the man cave – they tune into sports every weekend just as much as men! Incorporate some fall smelling candles or family portraits into the man cave décor. After all, this space is truly for everyone in your home.

Covert your basement into an awesome space to watch all of your favorite sports teams this fall.