Five House Repairs You Need to do RegularlyEven the most well-constructed and modern houses will need repairs every year. Some repairs need to be performed every few months. These repairs are necessary in order to keep all parts of the house working properly. Skipping repairs can cause costly problems or safety issues in the future. Homeowners need to perform five house repairs regularly.

Repair Leaks and Broken Fixtures

Plumbing repairs must usually be done every few months. The most common involve changing worn washers and replacing the flushing mechanism in toilets. It is also necessary to change faucets or showerheads when they start to wear down. Clogs in pipes, garbage disposals and drains are another common problem although these usually require the attention of a professional plumber. Plumbing repairs should be done immediately in order to prevent water damage.

Fix Doors and Hardware

The doors in a house are used multiple times every day. This includes turning handles and using locks. Common repairs to doors include replacing broken handles and changing locks that have stopped working as intended. Another common repair is required when the house or doorframe shift slightly causing doors to stick. Repairing this problem requires an electric sander or a hand plane to shave the door to match the new shape of the doorway.

Repair the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System

The HVAC system in a house is designed to receive regular repairs and maintenance. Homeowners can minimize issues by calling a professional such as Indianapolis HVAC services at least once a year. Professionals can perform repairs that keep the system operating. Homeowners can do some minor repairs like changing a filter, cleaning the fan or resetting fuses. Most larger repairs must be done by a trained technician familiar with HVAC systems.

Patch or Seal Holes in the Walls

Cracks and holes appear on a regular basis in most homes. These cracks require repairs in order to keep the house looking presentable and to prevent problems with pests or energy loss. Sealing small cracks and holes in the walls can be done with caulk or special sealants. Larger holes could require cutting a square opening and screwing a drywall patch into place. Holes and cracks should be repaired quickly because they can grow in size over time.

Fix Roof Damage

Weather, age and even pests can all cause roof damage. Homeowners must deal with missing shingles, water damage to the decking or cracks in the fascia. Repairs like replacing missing shingles can be simple in some homes. Repairs that deal with the structural elements of the roof should only be performed by licensed contractors. Fixing roof damage must be done regularly to protect the home.