Once you buy your first home, you’re likely to start searching the Internet and your local stores for design and improvement ideas. If you’re a first-time homeowner, you’re likely on a tight budget, but still want to give your home a cozy feeling that reflects your family’s personality.

According to Movoto Real Estate, here are five things you can do that won’t break the bank and will make a big impact.

paint brush1. Paint. Nothing can change the look of a room more dramatically than fresh paint. Start with the colors in a favorite piece of furniture, rug, or décor item. It can be a muted background color or an accent color that can be used to bring some contrast to the room.

Good kitchen colors include:

  • Butter yellow
  • Sage green
  • Brick red

But you’re not restricted to those. If you have a bold personality and want an electric blue kitchen, go for it. The best bedroom choices are blues, purples, taupes, and grays — tones that are calm and soothing.

If you want your room to convey a sense of energy, then go with reds and oranges. When it comes to bathrooms, go with what you like, but know that yellow and greens are less flattering to your complexion.

2. Change out the flooring. If your first house has old, worn-out carpeting, consider some new carpet, laminate, tile or wood. In addition to paint, new flooring is one of the most impactful changes you can make. You’ll provide a fresh, new look and drastically change the feel of the room.

light3. Focus on lighting. Lighting is one of those things that not all of us think about. By adding a few decorative ceiling lights, you can add style and function. Lighting can make a big difference to your home.  Lights aren’t just for the outside walkways and accents.  They make a great addition to the interior environment of your home as well according to the ALA (American Lighting Association).

Not only will good lighting help you to see around the house better and perform tasks, like walking or reading, easier, but it will also provide safety, security and a sense of comfort. You can also install dimmer switches that adjust the amount of current to your light fixtures.  Dimmers provide you with the ability to adjust and control the mood or ambiance of your room and obtain that special feel you’re looking for.

4. Update the bathroom. Changing out your faucet or vanity is fairly inexpensive and can change the whole look of the bathroom. Add new hardware to cabinets to round out the upgrade.

5. Landscaping. Chances are that even if your new house is already landscaped, there’s something about it you don’t like or want to enhance. Landscaping is one of those things that can be a work in progress; you don’t have to do it all at once. You can focus on a little at a time.

These days many people treat their backyards like another room of the house. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to help you out, it’s an investment that will benefit your whole family during the time you own your house and can help you out in the future if and when you eventually sell your house.