Five Current Trends in Home Remodeling to ConsiderHome remodeling trends often change based on shifting demographics, evolving consumer needs and new technologies. It is hard to predict exactly which trends will last and which will fade away over time. Many trends today are focused on functionality and classic aesthetics. There are five current trends in remodeling that homeowners should consider.

Multigenerational Features

Families are living in homes for a longer time than in previous years. Multigenerational households are also becoming more common with elderly parents living in the same home as grandchildren. This has made adding multigenerational and accessibility features a current remodeling trend. This involves adding handrails around the home, lowering cabinets and switching to easily used fixtures. It can also mean switching to zero-clearance bathtubs, installing occupancy sensors for lights and widening hallways and doorways.

Countertops Made From Quartz Composite

Quartz composite is trending as an alternative to installing natural granite countertops in kitchens and even bathrooms. Quartz countertops are highly resistant to staining, chipping and cracking. They withstand high amounts of heat. The surface is nonporous and does not collect bacteria like other materials. The final benefit is that quartz countertops come in nearly any color a homeowner could want when remodeling.

Special Purpose Rooms

A clear home remodeling trend today is creating a special purpose room in the house. Some examples are a butler’s pantry for cooks, home offices for entrepreneurs and media rooms for gamers or movie enthusiasts. These special purpose rooms integrate all of the features necessary to work or enjoy a hobby. They often include dedicated storage that fits the tools or items associated with the main purpose of the room. Creating a special purpose room usually means giving up some common space although the added convenience often makes the project worthwhile.

Double Bathrooms

Another trend seen in larger homes is creating a double bathroom. A double bathroom can accommodate a couple living in the house together. The design usually includes a double vanity with double mirrors. It can include separate cabinets and closets for each person. Some double bathrooms have multiple entrances and comfortable seating along the walls. Double bathrooms make it easier for couples to get ready at the same time

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Installing modern engineered hardwood floors is a popular remodeling project in homes. Engineered hardwood comes to a home with the finish already applied. The top layer is attached to a durable core. The installation process can be done over nearly any type of existing flooring including over radiant heating lines. The durability, ease of maintenance and attractive surface makes engineered hardwood floors a good choice for high traffic homes. So clear out your home and put things in storage and then put down the new floors you will love.