electric grinderHome improvements are inevitable. More often than not, something will break down or malfunction in your home. It may be a broken chair, a jammed window, a leaking roof, rusting panels or even chipped paint. You will therefore be required to do repairs once in a while. How you choose to do repairs or DIY home improvement projects is entirely up to you. You have the option of hiring someone or doing things yourself.

It is better to do repairs and home improvement projects yourself because of obvious reasons such as being cheaper. You however need the right tools to be able to do a good job. In this article, we will focus on essential powertools you must have at home to enable you to do basic DIY home improvement projects. Below are some of the most essential powertools every household should have.

The Essential Powertools

1. Table saw: The first and most important powertool in this list is the table saw. Table saws are simply electric saws mounted on a table. A table saw is a essential powertool at home because of its usefulness. Furniture repairs are the most common types of repairs in our homes. A table saw can handle just about any kind of furniture repair. Table saws are also easier and safer to use as compared to traditional electric saws. A table saw is therefore a must have in your home if you want to save costs as well as be able to handle most DIY home improvement projects effectively.

2. Power hand plane: Power hand planes are also essential powertools for DIY home improvement projects. It is important to note that table saws are only effective for cutting wood. To be able to smooth-en and shape furniture effectively, you must consider using a power hand plane alongside a table saw. A power hand plane will help you remove very thin unwanted layers of wood on furniture to improve the furniture’s appearance and feel.

3. Angle grinder: This powertool is important for many reasons with the most important being the removing of rust and paint on metal objects such as window panes, metal stools and chairs. You can’t handle DIY home improvement projects involving metals/hard objects effectively without using an angle grinder. For instance, you won’t be able to cut roofing tiles and sharpen blades effectively without an angle grinder. This simply shows how important this powertool is.

4. Orbital palm sander: This powertool is also a must have. An orbital palm sander will help you finish small DIY projects perfectly. For instance, you can smooth-en walls, floors, ceilings and furniture before you paint to ensure you get a perfect finishing. Without this tool, your projects won’t look professional. You are better off hiring a home improvement expert if you want perfectly done projects and if you don’t have an orbital palm sander.

5. Nail gun: You also need a nail gun to do most DIY home projects effectively. As mentioned above, wooden repairs account for the majority of DIY projects at home. You therefore need a nail gun especially if you want to increase accuracy. A nail gun will also reduce wooden waste common when traditional nail hammers are used. You will also get better looking projects when you use a nail gun instead of a nail hammer.


In summary, the above powertools from tools and parts direct are the most essential ones to have in our home. You can handle most DIY home improvement projects and repairs effectively with the above powertools. Forget about hiring professionals to do basic home repairs and improvements. You will save a lot of money and get professional results if you consider buying these tools and doing the projects yourself.